Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Its been ages since i last posted. People have refused to respond to ma texts let alone speak to me untill i post something. All i have been doing is read other people's blogs and leave comments. Just couldn't think of anything to write about.
In order to keep ma friends and also keep the blog spirit alive let me just update you on some of my life's recent experiences.

The greatest of all is my friend's galfriend gave birth to a lovely baby boy saturday morning. Had to stay awake till 4am awaiting the birth of our son. Ofcourse i wasn't in bed. Was in one of my bu-spots 'till the long awaited call. Call was shortly followed by a text asking that we carry bu-drinks for taata baby. Bought the bu-drinks and drove off to Hospital to celebrate bulungi. At hospital we weren't allowed to go to the delivery room. Its after alot of convincing and reminders that that was my godson they were denying me to see, the nurses gave in. For yo information, i am a self impossed godfather. The moment i learnt that Char. was expecting, i bestowed upon my self responsibility of godfather. It turned into some kind of song that the parents gave in, the grannies laughed about it but later accepted, the other friends have nuggu and still fail to give me some godfather respect. Ladies and gentlemen, please start refering to me as godfather Jny.
So saturday May 12th Smith Shakespear II my godson was born. The Shakespear name was passed on from his dad.
This got me to some realisation, almost all my boys are daddies now; anyone out there want to be a mommy soon? Only to the first kid as i already have a deal with the mom to my second child.

Meanwhile my boy who lost a galfriend and kid at birth is recovering really good. Thanks to friends sacrifising time to be their for him so he doesnt get so lonely and feel the void left by galfriend's pass on. Had bit though was breaking to him news of Smith Shakespear II's birth. We always talked of how their kids would be buddies, taking care of each other and if of the opposite sex no making passes at each other as they'd be more of brother and sister. All this can't come to pass now.

Meanwhile Sleek of the Sleek and Wild fame gave me a buzz this week. I now know his/her sex. Antipop, do you still want to know? Actually me and him could do some biz together.

On work; all is well. The past three weeks ive been on a roll. Always at my desk by 8am. Even on those days when it rains/drizzles in the morning and you just dont want to get out of bed. Going to reward me self with a bottle of Jamessons so i can take a shot each morning i wake up early.

Meanwhile i met some ka-reallly nice gal but.................

Have a blessed week all ye nice people.