Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last night as i was chilling on my veranda with glass of juice and "making clouds", I looked up into the sky and marvelled at how beautiful it was with the many brightly shinning stars. At that moment one thing crossed my mind; those were our dearly departed friends and family looking down on us. I named a couple of them and broke into a smile. I was in safe custody.

The count was as follows;

1. Dearest MOM.
2. My 3 grand parents
3. Auntie Penina.
4. Auntie Mable
5. Tendo Philip(Pip)
6. Timothy Agaba
7. Kagoda Jesse
8. Brenda Nsangi
9. Mugabe Kaijuka (Gabs)
10.Lydia Nassali and her baby.
11. Jean Muwanga
12. Little Keira Nagimesi
13. Michael Birungi
14. Wilbrod Oketcho(OX)
15. Sebulime (Santos)
16. Dedan Kiruri
17. Uncle Tom
18. Bukenya Bryan
19. Kennedy Wanguria
20. My cousin Joyce, Roscoe, etc.

3/4s of these were only in their mid 20s.

You could add onto this list. We love yu all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


From spending after work evenings as family, on to frequent text messages, then phone calls which graduated into very long phone calls. Of late it's pick ups for lunch. Am very scared of where this is headed.

Why now and not five years back? What's really changed that am now being viewed in a different context and not a big-brother? Not going to loose it this time round.

What explanation shall i give to mamma and all her siblings who are more than brothers and sisters to me. This is not allowed. This is supposed to be family.

Call me a coward but am off into hiding. New phone number, email address and i guess change of house.

Girls girls girls girls.