Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My savedee belle

I must say am enjoying my new job.
Fat cheque, no boss (my immediate boss is in Nairobi), no reporting or closing time, and recently i added someone else to this list.
There is this "saved" chic that am supposed to be working with. As in she cordinates my company and ours. This is yo typical beautiful Ugandan lady. In the beginning i had absolutely no interest in her besides work issues untill word went round that she was a born again. She goes to church every morning b4 coming to work.
Either i am the devil itself or i just like challenges. I started seeing this lady in another context. I saw a beautiful gal who was missing out on something. I am too detrminedto find out about her real life.
My internal calls to her increased, the compliments became so regular,i satrted seeing her in another context. Se is also a regular at my colleagues desks especially the ones directly in my view. Actually am seeing her now as i type this piece.
What even made matters worse is some other lady at work spilled out Savedee's secret tha she had a thing for "the new guy at work". Actually the new boss at work. (selefu)
We hit it on so well with this born again lady. We always talk and ask questions about each other.One day she inquired about my love life and i didnt hesitate to give her my winning profile...." i have 2 kids living with their mom in France." Funny but this profile has never let me down.
On to my other side that is the lounger in me, little was there to talk about. I am this kind of guy that never talks to my workmates every saturday morning for fear of making them drunk as well. My eyes are bloodshot and at half mast each saturday morning. That kind of guy who considers the bar as my second sitting room.
So i ask her what she thinks of guys like me! Her answer threw me back.........."I love the bar" is what she said.She went on to ask me where it was written that born agains dont go the bar. Its at this moment that i asked to buy her a drink this weekend and she answered in the affirmative. I dont know what kind of drink she does but am eagerly waiting for saturday to hit the bar in the company of a very beautiful born again lady.

I dont know if the good Lord shall ever forgive me cos this will be the second born agian chic am taking to the bar. The firs was another workmate at my former job. That one we split up so badly as she had gotten so into me and was willing to cross to my world. This time, i wont go the full mile as am planning on pulling out after this saturday.

Someone out there help me and find a cure to my uncontrollable bad habit of flirting.

I enjoy it though..........

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Relationships gone bad

In the past few months ive really been proud of myself.
So many friends have been coming to me for some guidance on how to go about with their faultering relationships. Its so funny but all these have been gals.
I don't know if i am really that friendly or seem one who can keep secrets, or maybe am just a nice guy.

Been approached by many bu-nice gals but ill look at three that really moved me.

First there is this nice "bootylicious" gal from western Uganda who came to my house for a drink up. We made acquaintances and later exchanged numbers. In the following days, we sould exchange calls. I then invited her home one day to test my cooking skills. I must say we had a good time. A really good time. Next day she asked to visit again, and because i was jobless and was staying home i accepted. Its on this day that i assured her i was a fther of two living with their momma in France.( By the way this has won me so many followers, stalkers, admirers, and so much trouble).
She also opened up and told me of her boyfriend with whom things weren't going on so well. It also turned out that i knew the guy but i didnt disclose this to her. She told me of how dude wasn't calling no more, how she would call and he didn't pick, or when he picked he would assure her how he was busy with his friends all of whom where gals because he would mention their names. On this day she asked for my phone to call the guy as he would not pick if he saw her number. She went ahead and called using my phone . When the guy picked she almost went on her knees begging hin not to hand up as it was an important call.Dude hang up.
I was now confused, why was this chic clinging onto this dude after al this! Reply was, when we are together he is so lovely. My advise to her was to move on, period. Saw her yesterday and she told me her and Brian where finally over but still they were still in touch. I asked her if he ever calls and she answered in the affirmative. So i wondered, why call now when its over!

Second case was this beautiful young gal who had the meanest boyfriend you'd ever meet. Gal is so beautiful that i would make a move if Antipop wasn't ma..........(4 another time). Anyway for this one, her boyfriend sits her down one day and tells her its over between the two of them. just like that. On asking why, he goes like....." honey i love yu so much. I also love my family sooooooooooooo much. I love my mom and i need a gal i can introduce to my mom and that gal is not you."
Can yu believe that? So this little heartbroken sista is asking me J., am i that bad? Do yu think i deserve this? All i said was no yu dont deserve such a looser. Move on baby, and out we went for her favourite ice cream.

There is also this pretty very intelligent young gal who runs a computer software firm. Hers was a case of lack of communication with boyfriend who is out there pursuing further studies. She says this dude calls only once in 2 weeks. He has access to internet everyday but never ever replies her emails.
This gal recently met a hot dude who she really likes and treats her like a lady. Dude is such a getleman, takes her for expensive dinners, buys her expensive gifts and is so kind to her. He has clearly showed he has interest in this gal. He is also aware that she has a boyfriend out there. Actually Mr. Nice guy is moving to another E.African Country and would like to take her along.
To further complicate this gal's situation is that someone she refers to as her best friend has back stabbed her. This is someone she has been telling all her secrets, shares her everything with, u know how ladies can be. So-called best friend is now dating her ex-boyfriend. She feels so betrayed and belives best friend could even have told her boyfriend about Mr. Nice Guy thats why he aint communicating no more. This lady is so confused so she runs to me with these three issues. Im confuesd as well so someone out there please help.

Three beautiful girls, all being trapped in the love triangle. Not receiving what they deserve. Wish i was living my old skool life coz i'd be having three lovely ladies to share my bed with.....ofcourse not at once.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pushing the wrong button

In life we can never stop learning.
To some of us we thought we had learnt some of life's lessons the heard way but we haven't.

For a long time i had been bothering my housemate's chic to hook me up with one of her cute University buddies. The fact that she knows how i do things she wasnt willing to hook me up.
Then one day she loosens her grip and gives me a number to call. Mbu her best friend. And on this particular day i hadn't asked for any hook ups.

One call follows the other. thirty minutes, forty minutes and even an hour long call and things are all positive. Its not untill i bragged to my housemate how his chic had hooked me up and "i was in Business" that things started crambling. Dude laughed so hard and all he could say was "tekaliyo" loosely translated "she is not haaaat".
Actually he reminded me of how we had met her in Wandegeya sometime back.........OMG.

From then on the calls from my side reduced drastically but shortie wasn't ready to give up. Misery is during my quest to prove so serious a dude, i'd given her both my mobile phone numbers. She started caling me when she is sick, bored, hungry, feeling low and expected solutions or words of comfort from me.

Calls from her became so frequent that i started telling lies of how very busy i was and make promises to call back. She would wait exactly thirty minutes and call back opening the conversation with an apology for calling again b4 i did.
Now my boys noticed and wondered who it was. Its not my style talking to ladies on the phone with a screwed up face and a non sexy cold voice. All i could them was thar there is a ka-orangatan making my life a living hell.

The other night she called just to let me know how she was in bed nude. I jokingly asked if i could join her in her bed and she accepted. When i announced it was a joke, she asked me to visit her the following day and get kinky. This is a true story by the way. Reminded me how she sleeps alone at her University.

Ofcourse i didnt show up and the next day at 18.00hrs Ugandan time she was calling to inquire if i was on my way to her place. I lied. 9pm, she kols.....i lied some more.)3.30am she kols again and this time i lost it. Gave her a busy tone. In the morning. as i was fighting for a taxi in Ntinda, another call come in.
Maaaaaaaaan, am in trouble.

Just wondering what i shoud do!

Remember me and this chic have never met.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Of late i am so into hosting ma friends to my house for house parties. Of course i dont fund them its always collective efforts with the boys. In the last one month ive had two good ones.
My favourite though was the one for ma birthday. Couldnt have it on the exact date but a week later. During the course of the week all was set as i was the treasure.
Come d-day and i have to go for a workmate's kwanjula which didnt go down with the boys as wat kind of party wd that be minus the host and birthday boy. kwanjula was for bakiga so the flow of alcohol was abnormal and remember we wea the bako but these guys didnt want to know. All they wanted to see where blazed people allover the place.

back to the party. Guys are calling me at about 7pm and all is set. The dudes are all home but no single female. I almost passed out in disbelief.
One hour later guys are calling and all they could say was............''on fire''. The ladies where in the house and having fun. However, they were all not amused that the host was away.
Yu shd have seen how i rushed back home.

From the roadside i just felt for ma neighbours. Noise was unbearable. I walked in clad in my kanzu and mo noise.
One and i mean one cutie caught my eye. Never had there been so many beautiful gals in my house at the same time be4. Misery was Toni the guy who stays in the house above mine had my gals attention. Sorry i meant the gal i had eyes on. At all costs this one was meant to be mine. Dude drank himsellf silly and passed out. So i my selefu and i took over. Lies, lies and mo lies. I actually told her i have a wife with two kids in france. Dont know whats wrong with beautiful Ugandan gals nowadays. This line ive used sooooooo many times and never lets me down.
This gal wasnt taking any alcohol but seemed more intoxicated than anyone at the party. She had her legs on ma head, ma back, the ceiling, under the chair, tickling me................damn, i was in trouble. Lie, lies and mo lies...sorry lyrics, lyrics and mo nice words and shit was tight on ma side. It was for only one ma boy who was making great use of ma room but i almost broke my 1 year and three months self imposed fast on chau. Damn, ive never been this tempted b4. Chic kept assuring me of how stary i was. Making her do crazy things while sober. She had no excuse but to accept that some ugandan chaps are not for jokes.

Anyway, i had a blast and thank god i didnt break my fast. The other times we have met is pretty face is high which makes her not so tempting. This comfirms the saying that unlike poles repell.

Having a house party 2mrw, waiting for the next suprise.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today is the second day on my new job and believe me am not as excited as expected.
Yu can't believe but am sad. Missing the good life i've been enjoying the last one month since i resigned my earlier job.
The last one month was so enjoyable. I would sleep in the day and go out in the night.

Brief outline of ma past one month.

1. 3 a.m till midday.........................sleeping.

2. midday to 1pm...........................freshen up.

2. Switch on ma telly to see what those fools in the BBA 3 house are up to.
But i was always dissappointed as id always find the same. No sex as yet. Morris
is so weak. A beautiful daft chic allover his a** and no action as yet. That guy is
not Ugandan.

3. 2pm................fix ma'self something to eat. was getting boring as it was
always rice and beef/ chicken as it is the easiest meal to prepare.

4. Meanwhile ma fon is always off the hook and it always felt good assuring my past
clients that i resigned. Then the part where my former boss would call asking me to return to work yet it was same fool giving me sh*t. (Oke not Lynn but Humphrey).

5. boys would jealously call in to find out if am home or i went back to work. I always assured them that am home having fun. And remeber they all know my house is never short of drink and food. 30 minutes later and about 3 guys are colliding at my house all escaping from work.

6. 4pm to late............Party, party and more party.

7. 8pm to 9pm...........guys are now calling their bosses assuring them of how they
wouldnt make it to work the following day due to various reasons. Believe me one dude re-
mixed that ad on radio of a guy who called his bossssssss.............
The one's who had made it lucky with the ladies where calling their wives
assuring them of the vigil they were attending that night. Vigil indeed as sm1
was bound to die.........

8. 9pm to 3am.................drink, telly, bar, anything to make me smile.

And the cycle would go on.

This all sounds so smoooth. Ofcourse there were bad times as well. Like the numerous times i went to my next door kiosk to ask for 20 thousand shillings after generously spending the night before.

There were those times when i didnt have any money on me but had piles of food and alcohol in the house.

The fact that i had no job would also bother me at times. How was i to spoil my first born french baby, and second borne mukiga baby with no job.

Then there were those bu-gals who wanted to make my house a place to get free drink and food on a daily. Atleast they would clean the house and the dishes.

And ofcourse browsing the net from home. Damn, that was the most expensive thing. Made me miss work and the free internet.

Otherwise it always felt so good moving around town in my jeans, tee shirt and boots on a wednesday afternoon and not a tie.

Friday was the best. No reports to present at the weekly operations meeting, but simply sleep with so much rock music pumping in my head.

I was leading a very good life that some of my unfocused friends thought of leaving their jobs too. I went thru hell trying to convince them not to.

But as that famous lines goes...........all good things come to an end. Am now at work.

And on a very sad note, ma housemate is resigning his job tomorrow. As i speak he is home now for the second day running with the excuse of being sick. Atleast he has another job coming his way but i think i played a role..........sob sob