Thursday, September 18, 2008

Relationships gone bad

In the past few months ive really been proud of myself.
So many friends have been coming to me for some guidance on how to go about with their faultering relationships. Its so funny but all these have been gals.
I don't know if i am really that friendly or seem one who can keep secrets, or maybe am just a nice guy.

Been approached by many bu-nice gals but ill look at three that really moved me.

First there is this nice "bootylicious" gal from western Uganda who came to my house for a drink up. We made acquaintances and later exchanged numbers. In the following days, we sould exchange calls. I then invited her home one day to test my cooking skills. I must say we had a good time. A really good time. Next day she asked to visit again, and because i was jobless and was staying home i accepted. Its on this day that i assured her i was a fther of two living with their momma in France.( By the way this has won me so many followers, stalkers, admirers, and so much trouble).
She also opened up and told me of her boyfriend with whom things weren't going on so well. It also turned out that i knew the guy but i didnt disclose this to her. She told me of how dude wasn't calling no more, how she would call and he didn't pick, or when he picked he would assure her how he was busy with his friends all of whom where gals because he would mention their names. On this day she asked for my phone to call the guy as he would not pick if he saw her number. She went ahead and called using my phone . When the guy picked she almost went on her knees begging hin not to hand up as it was an important call.Dude hang up.
I was now confused, why was this chic clinging onto this dude after al this! Reply was, when we are together he is so lovely. My advise to her was to move on, period. Saw her yesterday and she told me her and Brian where finally over but still they were still in touch. I asked her if he ever calls and she answered in the affirmative. So i wondered, why call now when its over!

Second case was this beautiful young gal who had the meanest boyfriend you'd ever meet. Gal is so beautiful that i would make a move if Antipop wasn't ma..........(4 another time). Anyway for this one, her boyfriend sits her down one day and tells her its over between the two of them. just like that. On asking why, he goes like....." honey i love yu so much. I also love my family sooooooooooooo much. I love my mom and i need a gal i can introduce to my mom and that gal is not you."
Can yu believe that? So this little heartbroken sista is asking me J., am i that bad? Do yu think i deserve this? All i said was no yu dont deserve such a looser. Move on baby, and out we went for her favourite ice cream.

There is also this pretty very intelligent young gal who runs a computer software firm. Hers was a case of lack of communication with boyfriend who is out there pursuing further studies. She says this dude calls only once in 2 weeks. He has access to internet everyday but never ever replies her emails.
This gal recently met a hot dude who she really likes and treats her like a lady. Dude is such a getleman, takes her for expensive dinners, buys her expensive gifts and is so kind to her. He has clearly showed he has interest in this gal. He is also aware that she has a boyfriend out there. Actually Mr. Nice guy is moving to another E.African Country and would like to take her along.
To further complicate this gal's situation is that someone she refers to as her best friend has back stabbed her. This is someone she has been telling all her secrets, shares her everything with, u know how ladies can be. So-called best friend is now dating her ex-boyfriend. She feels so betrayed and belives best friend could even have told her boyfriend about Mr. Nice Guy thats why he aint communicating no more. This lady is so confused so she runs to me with these three issues. Im confuesd as well so someone out there please help.

Three beautiful girls, all being trapped in the love triangle. Not receiving what they deserve. Wish i was living my old skool life coz i'd be having three lovely ladies to share my bed with.....ofcourse not at once.

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