Friday, September 5, 2008


Of late i am so into hosting ma friends to my house for house parties. Of course i dont fund them its always collective efforts with the boys. In the last one month ive had two good ones.
My favourite though was the one for ma birthday. Couldnt have it on the exact date but a week later. During the course of the week all was set as i was the treasure.
Come d-day and i have to go for a workmate's kwanjula which didnt go down with the boys as wat kind of party wd that be minus the host and birthday boy. kwanjula was for bakiga so the flow of alcohol was abnormal and remember we wea the bako but these guys didnt want to know. All they wanted to see where blazed people allover the place.

back to the party. Guys are calling me at about 7pm and all is set. The dudes are all home but no single female. I almost passed out in disbelief.
One hour later guys are calling and all they could say was............''on fire''. The ladies where in the house and having fun. However, they were all not amused that the host was away.
Yu shd have seen how i rushed back home.

From the roadside i just felt for ma neighbours. Noise was unbearable. I walked in clad in my kanzu and mo noise.
One and i mean one cutie caught my eye. Never had there been so many beautiful gals in my house at the same time be4. Misery was Toni the guy who stays in the house above mine had my gals attention. Sorry i meant the gal i had eyes on. At all costs this one was meant to be mine. Dude drank himsellf silly and passed out. So i my selefu and i took over. Lies, lies and mo lies. I actually told her i have a wife with two kids in france. Dont know whats wrong with beautiful Ugandan gals nowadays. This line ive used sooooooo many times and never lets me down.
This gal wasnt taking any alcohol but seemed more intoxicated than anyone at the party. She had her legs on ma head, ma back, the ceiling, under the chair, tickling me................damn, i was in trouble. Lie, lies and mo lies...sorry lyrics, lyrics and mo nice words and shit was tight on ma side. It was for only one ma boy who was making great use of ma room but i almost broke my 1 year and three months self imposed fast on chau. Damn, ive never been this tempted b4. Chic kept assuring me of how stary i was. Making her do crazy things while sober. She had no excuse but to accept that some ugandan chaps are not for jokes.

Anyway, i had a blast and thank god i didnt break my fast. The other times we have met is pretty face is high which makes her not so tempting. This comfirms the saying that unlike poles repell.

Having a house party 2mrw, waiting for the next suprise.


  1. wait. why haven't i been invited to said house party? when did you throw me out like that?

    So, you be there dissing Morris for being slow, but chic has her legs up so high and you can not find your way into the center of them? what happened to you?
    Man, you are losing my respect

  2. Dee i am on self imposed starvation for three years.
    Im not about to give up on it now. Only one year and three months to go.have to punish myself for all the hearts i broke.
    been attempted so many times but.......whaaaa inclluding her highness the next first lady

  3. Actually, it is Unlike poles that attract. Like poles repell.

    U, Mister,were having the time of your life here.

    About that fast, how is it coming along.

    I love your blog.

  4. self imposed starvation? ***Shakes head in wonder***