Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beauty and Brains

There is this little young girl whom from the first day we met has never ceased to amuse me. Not only is she so beautiful but also very bright and focused in life.
We met at a party at my house and when leaving, she asked for my number. I thought it was a moment of "i know what i want and i go out and get it".

After a few days she calls and we do a post party redition. Talk later drifts into business. In a few days we were speaking big sums of money deals. All we planned didnt work out but we made some money together.
All this time, i overlooked her beauty and was simply mesmerised by her brains. This girl has done almost all kinds of job. Work at the parliament building, hotelier, freight business, airport handling, you name it. And all this time she is in school doing her University education.
One day i ask why she is working her A** off and not living like normal University students. Her response, "my dad told me i should be 5 times richer than him". Her dad is a prominent business guy in Uganda and has appeared in various editorials as one of the top 10 richest guys in Uganda.

Today over lunch and catching up after a long time, she tells me she's leaving the country for further studies. I take a look at her documents. Then her passport ..........Oh My God, this girl is JUST 22years.

I always argue with some "chauvinist" guys that there are so many cases of beauty and brains combined in one. {They shd actually come meet all my lady blogger friends}
Thinks i over heap praises on her and that she has her negative side. I dont know.

If this aint marriage material, then what is it? My bachelor friends, holla at your boy for a hook up.