Monday, October 27, 2008

What a weekend

Last weekend was such a good one till saturday evening.
As usual i went out for ma saturday work out at MUBS
play ground. On arrival i immediately changed into my soccer gear and hit the field.
Two hours later and we are back to the cars to discuss who has improved in skill and who had sex the previous night basing on their performance on pitch.
10 minutes into the discussion and one of us realises that the car doors were open.
Damn, all our things were gone. My rucksack containing my clothes, my two phones, my wallet, 2 health cards, my ATMs, identity cards, watch, 2 hankies are all gone. My wallet was containing a good some of money that i was meant to give to ma little campus sister. This i always do to avoid her getting involved in cross generation sex for dimes. some dimes were to pay for my sarturday pint.
Anyway, that was what befell us. This guy took about 500 thou in cash, 8 mobile phones, plenty of documents he wont use and ATMs whose pin cards he doesnt have.
Everyone who lost stuff went into a panic. Wishing they had left stuff back home, but as they say yu cant fight fate.

However, the most amazing thing is that after realisng we had been robbed, we did the next "automatic" thing which was to try calling the phones. All the other phones were switched off except one of mine. Dude picks up bulungi and goes on to say that the fon was his. After alot of questions and laughing at me, he goes on to say, i quote, "........muli awo muli mukajuzza naye nange ndi mukola" directly translated as "........yo there working out as i also work(stealing)."
One of us tries to negotiate with the thief to return our dox and we give him money. Dude laughs and asks for 300 thousand. We bargain to 100 thousand. Remeber he had taken around 500 thousand in cash and property worth 2 million shillings.There was no way he would return said stuff.
Next thing was to hit Jinja road police station to get police letters lest our dox are found at crime scenes and we are held responsible. Got to the police, narrated our ordeal and one "sheeeeeeee" cop goes like "that is negligence". I was almost put in for assaulting an officer at his duty station. After spending more than 2 hours we were told to return the following day as they could not write down all the statements. Yes, they write on paper as there are no computers or type writers in our police stations.
When we returned the following day,officer in charge took us to a private office to have our police letters made. Dude asked us for 100 thousand shillings to have our letters made. What the fcuk is wrong with our country. We had lost alot of property and money and this fool is asking for money and not 20 thousand but 100 thousand.
We promised that we would return but never did.
Am going back to the station this evening and if he gives me the same bullsh*t, ill scream so loud.......bribe bribe bribe.

Anyway that was ma weekend. No phone, no ATM, no money. Can't believe i lost all ma pretty chics' numbers. Some numbers i'd just gotten at a house party on friday night. My empire of chics has gone down crumbling just like that. I'll be back...........

Hope yu guys had a good weekend.

Words of wisdom

This is not an original post but it was the favourite quote of my departed friend Philip.
Thought i'd share these words as they are such strong words of wisdom.

" Its not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again.Because there is no effort without error and shortcomings, he who knows the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the high achievemnet of triump and who at worst, if he fails while daring greatly, knows his place shall never be with those timid and cold souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

R.I.P. Tendo Philip, Kapale, Pip, Pips, Boyii, etc

Friday, October 17, 2008

getting drunk

These chaps had really lost it.
Anyone been in this situation b4?




Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my house

Lately i havent been so in love with my house.
It is not the beloved pretty house i always looked forward to returning to after a long days work.

It all started when my rent arrears were due. IMF as i call my boss had wired my funds but hadnt gotten onto ma account which seemed a weak story for ma landlady to buy.
Did i tell yu my landlady is Matembe, yes Miria Matembe. That lady who wanted all male defilers castrated. So b4 i paid i always left home very early and returned ery late in the night. I think that somehow affected the bond i had built between me and my beautiful home.

At ma place i have a house help called Andrew who used to be such a nice chap. He would clean the house on a daily, wash the dishes, make our beds (that wasnt his role guess he be'z looking for stray coins. Andrew would wash my clothes and also iron them. In turn i pay him at end month plus a ka-2k here and there, plus a piece of pizza or kabizzi once in a while. Did i mention he'd watch free telly.
But of late Andrew cleans when he want. Yu go home and house is filthy, dishes dirty and yo socks are in the corridor where yu left em the revious night. I leave him clothes to wash in the morning and yu'll find him starting on them at 7pm as yu return from work.
We used to send Andrew to Ntinda to buy us food, or to the nearby shop for beer but of late he has added a new word to his busy.
Kaleeee, come end month he'll see.

The biggest(in size) asset in my house is ma fridge. I used to be so in love with my fridge. This' because it used to be smiling all the time i'd open its door. This always made me smile in turn. The lovely fresh fruits, milk, tomatoes (tho i rarely cook) but they are such a ppretty sight, and ofcourse my beers. By the way i drink any beer brand so my visitors were always cartered for. But of late i dont know whats happening. I open my fridge and simply frown. In the few seconds i looked in there, all i see is a 5litre jerrycan of water, chilli from the last round of home delivered P.I.G, some gnut paste, a half drunk beer, ntula (dont know there english name) and i dont know who put em there. Anyway it aint a pretty sight and i hate ma fridge of late.

Moving on to my bedroom, maan things are all messy.
Househelp doesnt make ma bed no more. So i come home late at times a bit intoxicated and getting into bed is a disaster. Everything i used in the morning while getting set for work is on the bed. The comb, lotion, perfume, wet towel, and clothes. so imagine am from my fav. kafunda, very tired and thats how i find my bed.
I previously used to like my house coz things like mosquitoes i'd only hear from friends i considered unlucky and lived in wetlands. Nowadays these bu-guys are my roomates. In the day they chill in my closet and at night they come around my bed to feast.In the mornings i dedicate a cool 10 minutes to killing thease monsters that my room now needs a new coat of paint probably red.

As if this is not misery enuff the MULTICHOICE guys decide to disconnet my pay TV on sunday. Man this house is miserabole without TV. Local TV reception is so poor so yu cant see a thing. That is if there are any good programmes anyway. I really reallyy missed to see sheila move out of BBA3. I wanted to see that boy's tears.( remind me if she is a gal)

Have i mentioned that i have a housemate. Oh yeah. Me and him are good friends since childhood. We have been going on well till he and the galfriend started having fights. For starters galfriend is a first year campuser who occassoinally comes in on friday to sunday. This chic cant cook(tried once and we ordered her never to do it again), cant wash dishes nor clean house and drinks too alot. She drinks my wine, my beer, vodka, tequila, even malwa nad kasese. Not that i dont want her to drink, but ladies shd stick to one drink. If it is malwa let it be.
Anyway of late these two are always fighting. Miserable looks allover our house.Nobody is willing to talk to me after a fight so i decide to stay away lest they make me misearable as well.
One day i was awaken by her "sound tracks" only for housemmate to emerge from the room 45 minutes later and assuring me that its over between the 2 of them. Left me wondering if that was a farewell "shine".
But bu-young gals....aha. On sunday am trying to watch local TV and housemates' galfriend screams from the bedroom......."J please kol me when Barbarita starts. Almost shot back..F**k Barbarita"

My pretty house used to be an attraction to many young bu-gals especially campusers. This is because it was a venue to very many house parties, always had a constant supply of alcohol, pork was a call away, but now, wapiiiiiiiiii.

The bu-gals always call wondering if they should come visit but i lie that am away for days. What with the dirty house, mosquitoes, gloomy faces, no TV, no alcohol, Andrew wont run to the shop no more.

Just wondering how i can get back my ex lovely house.

Did i tell yu i left no airfreshner in the washroom this morning!

Monday, October 13, 2008

meeting the family

Saturday 11th october marked a landmark in my blog life.
I met the real guys.

Friday night and am in the best bar in Kla ( Rock Katalina as it has the cheapest beer. ugx 1500 everyday) having a polite one with the boys when i get a text from Antipop inviting me for a bloggers drink up the following day. I had 2 other parties to attend on that day but none seemed a better idea that meeting the bloggers.
Come saturday and the excitement is on though i didnt know what to expect. All i knew was that i was going to meet very intelligent, witty and Ugandans who speak very good English.
Time check 08.00pm and i finally meet the group. Didnt talk much with everyone but the whole group seemed adorable.
Antipop i knw and she was looking ever so hot.
Rev is a cool guy and i commend him for having such neat "locks".
Chanel is a great lady and such a lovely host.
Ivan was on top of his game. Dude is sooooo funny.
B2B seemed so down to earth but very intelligent.
Solomom is such a cool guy.

And oh yea, i met Detamble as well. Beautiful lil'white gal i must say.

Basically evening was fun.Plenty to eat and drink.

And being me, i happened to make acquaintances with another pretty lady at the drink up although she aint a blogger. The next day Sunday when i went to support the Ug Vs Benin game at Namboole, i had female company.

All in all it was great. One day i'll never forget.
Ma boys picked me up late and they were all surprised to know that i was indeed a blogger. One actually wondered if i simply wasnt fluking as he's never known me to be that

And to all the bloggers that day, thanx for letting me join the family.