Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highs and Lows of 2009

2009's been one helluva year.
Year started on a high as Sheba(now X) returned home from France. Boy it was one hell of a month.

Lots of partying all through the year. Made many more friends and kept the old ones as well. Put faces to different blogs. Got more hooked to the twitter thing and i must say its made life and work in 2009 very interesting.

A couple of friends got married, others introduced, kukyala-d,kuhingira-d. A number of hookups and breakups as well. New babies in the year. Congs to my boy Timo, Franco and Rhiza, Lillian, Kaija on getting married. Franco, Shakespeare, Chanel, Lillian, Bliss, Cathy, Raquel on joining parenthood.

Couple of lovely ladies in my life this year too. Charlotte, Cynthia, Ann, Annet, Pauline, Rachael, Betty.
Also some more; Millie, Faith, Annabel, Barbara, Carol, Cuyler,Grace, Ophrah.

Also happened to move house from Nalya to Kiwatule. Miss my old house though. It was way too cool compared to the current one. didn't even have a house warming for the present residence. My family moved to the new house as well and the old man is happier there.
Kid bro graduated from Uni.

Work just got better and next year am aiming for the highest. 2010 is gonna be my break through year.

On the low side, a couple of friends and family members didnt make it through the year. R.I.P and we still love you.
There were days of absolute brokeness and days when i thought i had too much money for my own good.

My friend broke a leg as we were playing soccer and boy was he in alot of pain.

Other low moments like lost phones, property, minor accidents, spoilt gadgets, fights with friends and family but that doesnt come close to the good times of the year.

What can i say, 2009 ROCKED and all ye my blogger family and tweeps, you are one awesome bunch. Thanks for being nice people and all the best through the new year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and decade.