Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So i did't I announce the coming into this world of my nephew Isaiah. The good news was broken to me while in Mbarara at Agip Motel having a good time with my 3 month fiancee. That's a story for another day.
I was the first person my little sister called after delivery. It was a such an emotional moment and the first thing that came to my mind was mom. I wished she was here to experience the joy of being a granny.

Awesome little thing he is. I'd also be so mean if I didn't share his awesomeness with you.

Isaiah at about 1 month.

Learning to suck his thumb like his uncle, at the same age.

Fun moments chilling with Uncle Fab.

Pondering how to convince these guys that we need to take a walk.

On duty (baby sitting) after a very long night. I couldn't stand up but he was very comfy where he was.

Two years down the road and we shall be hitting those supermarkets and kids play areas to bring down two birds with one stone. Isaiah to play and the uncle to add to his list of admirers. Ain't it universally acknowledged that a gentleman in possession of a baby (baby sitting) attracts many ladies' attention and admiration.
Don't ask when i'll get him a niece or nephew; the fiancee run away with all those dreams.
Leggo young man.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being thankful.

So today marked 29years since my sweet momma brought me into this good world. Too bad she ain't here to see what a fine man i've grown into. Big up to the old man, u rock.
Thankful to the All Loving God for all He's done for me.

Grateful to family, friends and in-laws to be. I got to thank the in-laws in advance. I know one day i'll have some and i'll love them like my own blood relatives.

I have a lot of prospects for this year. Something BIG got to go down. By the time i hit the big-30, i should have something to be very proud of. Experienced almost all of life's desires so it's about time i move on.

Thanks to all those who've been there for me. My blogger and twitt family, "gracias mushos'.

You rock.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I saw him while Golola was doing his thing.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Virus

Being inconsist and unrailable is not my middle name but with blogger i just got infested. I would refer to its as a disease but that would be pushing it abit too far. so i will just jot down my thoughts as below,
1. I met someone, a blogger infact but i am not at liberty to name and shame.
2. .............
3. My mind goes blank. hence reason i blog no more.

Am off to twit..find me there if anyone wants to holla.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Philip Tendo Pip "Kapale"

Today 28th June 2011, marked 3 years since you passed on.

I still miss you Philip. Moments of your life are still so alive. Bugolobi has never been the same since you departed. The boys all miss you. Very few sittings at Kagame's go by without your name being mentioned.

You didn't have to go so soon. You should have been here and see how crazy this world has become. Offer some crazy but very informed and intelligent ideas.

But anyway it was all God's plan and we are consoled by the fact that one day we shall meet up there and continue from where we stopped. I really wonder how Bob copes without you. It's really hard for me, so how about him.

So glad i knew you and we were friends. Spare a place for me bro.

Till that day. R.I.P Philip.

Oh, another good guy just joined you up there (Sunday 26th June 2011). His name Philip Magezi. Wait, he's your namesake. Please take care of him and initiate him bulungi.

Mourn till we join you Pip' and Philip.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The one

She is so sweet,
Loves and honors the Lord
Not a gossip
A lot of Inner beauty
Good personality
Good sense of humor
High degree of integrity and honesty
Godly wisdom
Makes wise decisions
Fun to be with
Kind and caring
Similar interests
Good communicator
Good listener
Not materialistic
Good manners
Accepts me for who I am
Can cook
Noble Character
Someone you want to be the
mother of your children
Nurturing.......just to mention but a few.

24 but even at 95 she'll remain that way.

What more would one want....The One.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party time.

So my kid sister's giveaway or traditional wedding is this weekend 23rd April 2011.
We have gotten over the shock of her getting married at 23years and are now very happy for her. Actually looking forward to the day.

One lesson learned though. Never despise people because of their tribe, religion, job, social status, etc etc. I'll soon have a brother inlaw from a group i once considered less equal with others. Not anymore. We've gladly and happily accepted him as a brother.

So anyone want to join us in celebration this weekend? We even got Magharita and Cosmopolitan for the corporate Kampala belles. Gin and tonic for the guys.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This morning while listening to one of the morning radio shows, a guy writes in
complaining about people's short minded nature because of the negative reactions he's received on a life decision he has made. Apparently he is married and the wife makes a lot more money than he does. So the wife has suggested he leaves his job and take up role of baby sitter or house husband. The guy's friends are so against it and his mother has labeled him a disgrace to the family for abandoning his role of main bread winner in the family.
People, isn't this total madness. How can one be comfortable living off his wife? This is a total patriarchal society and the men are supposed to provide for their wives and children. In this case it’s going to be the reverse i.e. the wife fending for the husband.
Imagine a situation where the guy wants to have a drink with the boys. Would he ask his wife to give him some money? How about asking wifey to buy him a deodorant, boxers, airtime, or money to go to the barber shop.

Jeez, this guy needs Jesus.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I miss this place and reading all the nice Ugandan blogs out there. Plus i heard there are a lot of new bloggers.
One thing though, i try so hard not to miss the Uganda Bloggers' Happy Hour every last Thursday of the month. I wonder if that still makes me a blogger.

Lately, my day starts at 6pm. Am usually indoors till evening. No am not into any dirty business, just life and its strange ways.

Time check 18.45h, off to see what the day has got to offer.

See u next week at UBHH.