Thursday, March 24, 2011


I miss this place and reading all the nice Ugandan blogs out there. Plus i heard there are a lot of new bloggers.
One thing though, i try so hard not to miss the Uganda Bloggers' Happy Hour every last Thursday of the month. I wonder if that still makes me a blogger.

Lately, my day starts at 6pm. Am usually indoors till evening. No am not into any dirty business, just life and its strange ways.

Time check 18.45h, off to see what the day has got to offer.

See u next week at UBHH.


  1. Before I came out of the blogging closet, I used to really follow (stalk) UG bloggers! You guys are still great, I also wish bloggers would get back to blogging :)

  2. @Be Silent, Mateos this Thursday.

    @Kenyansista, I wish for the same.

  3. :)

    Let's start a campaign UG Bloggers - BLOG!!

    jny, you be how??