Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highs and Lows of 2009

2009's been one helluva year.
Year started on a high as Sheba(now X) returned home from France. Boy it was one hell of a month.

Lots of partying all through the year. Made many more friends and kept the old ones as well. Put faces to different blogs. Got more hooked to the twitter thing and i must say its made life and work in 2009 very interesting.

A couple of friends got married, others introduced, kukyala-d,kuhingira-d. A number of hookups and breakups as well. New babies in the year. Congs to my boy Timo, Franco and Rhiza, Lillian, Kaija on getting married. Franco, Shakespeare, Chanel, Lillian, Bliss, Cathy, Raquel on joining parenthood.

Couple of lovely ladies in my life this year too. Charlotte, Cynthia, Ann, Annet, Pauline, Rachael, Betty.
Also some more; Millie, Faith, Annabel, Barbara, Carol, Cuyler,Grace, Ophrah.

Also happened to move house from Nalya to Kiwatule. Miss my old house though. It was way too cool compared to the current one. didn't even have a house warming for the present residence. My family moved to the new house as well and the old man is happier there.
Kid bro graduated from Uni.

Work just got better and next year am aiming for the highest. 2010 is gonna be my break through year.

On the low side, a couple of friends and family members didnt make it through the year. R.I.P and we still love you.
There were days of absolute brokeness and days when i thought i had too much money for my own good.

My friend broke a leg as we were playing soccer and boy was he in alot of pain.

Other low moments like lost phones, property, minor accidents, spoilt gadgets, fights with friends and family but that doesnt come close to the good times of the year.

What can i say, 2009 ROCKED and all ye my blogger family and tweeps, you are one awesome bunch. Thanks for being nice people and all the best through the new year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and decade.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last night as i was chilling on my veranda with glass of juice and "making clouds", I looked up into the sky and marvelled at how beautiful it was with the many brightly shinning stars. At that moment one thing crossed my mind; those were our dearly departed friends and family looking down on us. I named a couple of them and broke into a smile. I was in safe custody.

The count was as follows;

1. Dearest MOM.
2. My 3 grand parents
3. Auntie Penina.
4. Auntie Mable
5. Tendo Philip(Pip)
6. Timothy Agaba
7. Kagoda Jesse
8. Brenda Nsangi
9. Mugabe Kaijuka (Gabs)
10.Lydia Nassali and her baby.
11. Jean Muwanga
12. Little Keira Nagimesi
13. Michael Birungi
14. Wilbrod Oketcho(OX)
15. Sebulime (Santos)
16. Dedan Kiruri
17. Uncle Tom
18. Bukenya Bryan
19. Kennedy Wanguria
20. My cousin Joyce, Roscoe, etc.

3/4s of these were only in their mid 20s.

You could add onto this list. We love yu all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


From spending after work evenings as family, on to frequent text messages, then phone calls which graduated into very long phone calls. Of late it's pick ups for lunch. Am very scared of where this is headed.

Why now and not five years back? What's really changed that am now being viewed in a different context and not a big-brother? Not going to loose it this time round.

What explanation shall i give to mamma and all her siblings who are more than brothers and sisters to me. This is not allowed. This is supposed to be family.

Call me a coward but am off into hiding. New phone number, email address and i guess change of house.

Girls girls girls girls.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Do dreams really come true?
Last night i had this one dream that i pray shouldn't come to pass as i have witnessed it before.

some years back, like all young foolish campus boys, i had somethng going with 2 lovely ladies at the same time. I lost the games and to make up for their earlier fights and verbal exchanges they became very tight friends and i their sole enemy.
Three years down the road and and i hook up with one of them. We are now good friends. We regulary meet for a drink, lunch, she introduced me to some really tastey steak and we always talk about anything and everything including her husband and 6 month old son. Even reminds me of those times when my game was really weak; like never ever allowing her access to my phone, having phone conversations whereby my responses where entirely "yes" and "no" plus "hhmm". All this we simply laugh about and let go.

However, last night came the dream. The other chic appeared in my dream. She was so nice and good to me. She then picked my phone, called her friend and the fights started again.

Do you think this dream may come to pass? Should i let these 2 be and enjoy their friendship?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby sitting. A time well spent.

My godson Smith shakespeare II is fast coming of age. Dude is counting four months at the moment and moving on fast. This saturday we had the chance to spend some real quality time together.
My godsister had a function to attend and couldn't take with her her little bundle of joy. The only safe custody was his dad and godfather. Fast track to 12pm and the little man is delivered along with 2 big bags of baby accessories. A few minutes of orientation from mom and she is off leaving us to our first task of babysitting. Before the mom left, she had to first to do a thorough check to establish that there was no liquor in the house. Ofcourse we didnt let her do this as we confessed being in possession of some. That way she didn't discovered in what quantities but made us promise not to over do it and also not to get tempted into introducing the little one to "the drink" at such a tender age.
On the whole it was a weekend well spent. Such a challenge if i may say and kudos to all parents out there. Parenting is surely a full time job.

The full story in pix below.

Introducing Smith Shakespeare II

Shrek wannabe.

Last moments with the mummy.

He just couldn't wait to be with the boys.

Father to Son moment. My boy Shakespeare Snr.

Drooling. The frequency at which he drools i concluded it's one of his fav pass times.

Learning the basics like how to carry a four month old.

Time to feed.

And then came the big moment; CHANGING DIAPERS.

Daddy cool.



And finally to catch some sleep.

And as the saying goes, work without play........ we needed our drinks to keep going.
Not alot baby gal, just a little bit.


Too much TV i guess.

His mom finally showed up at midnight but i must say we didn't miss her and neither did the little one.

All in all, it was such a good time.
And my boy's first lesson from his god dad is that crying is for sissys. All the time he tried to cry i'd remind him and that way he cried less.
Nice godfather so far, amn't I?

Don't think anyone had a better time than i did.
Blessed new week to you all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Presenting Miss Eve.

Just to show yu the lovely painting i received from miss Eizzy and to also officially let yu know am her self appointed marketing manager. Anyone out there that would like a piece done for them let me know and a deal shall be cut out.
Believe me this young lady possesses some very lovely artistic skills.

Presenting miss Eve as she chills peacefully in my lounge area.

Why Eve? That is what her creator decided to call her and i thought it wouldn't be nice to change. Eve is a cool name as well; aint it?

And then Carsozy fooling with my Eve. From the kick he received, he couldn't step out this weekend.

Normzo, Carsozy, Santosh , Rhino, Sleek, a version highlighting the posterior can be done for yu.

Nev; how about ordering for one of Abba's only son.

Silverbow, Antipop, Heaven, Lulu, Ug Girl, i know what piesces shall put smiles on yo faces every time yu walk into yo houses. so get in touch.

By the way, am only doing this for fun. Miss Eizzy didnt ask me to do marketing for her but i only think she's gat some talent and should do some more peices especially for her blogger friends who appreciate nice art.

And this is how her creator describes miss Eve.

"A beautiful woman"...Nudity because its raw beauty, floral like finish and fruity colours to link it with nature, which is true beauty, i also kept the outline unfinished and let it merge with the back ground and only defined the main curves in order to only capture the essence of femininity but not confine it to a single particular body shape, frizzy green afro to keep it afro centric, lol, plus it just looked cool! yeah?

Friday, July 31, 2009


27years old today. Wow!!! Am ageing.
And what better way to spend yo birthday eve than with a group of cool guys like the Ugandan bloggers. Party all the way into the wee hours of the night.

How about sharing a birthday with 3 very pretty ladies and my friend's little baby gal(making one year today).

Oh did i mention the very lovely painting i received from a beautiful young blogger miss eizzy.k

Party rolls on all through the weekend. Anyone wanna join me?

Blessed day to all yu my dear friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's just July but i officially write this year off. I dont think there is any good coming out of this year.
Am now counting more than 8 friends gone down. Could i be next?

So unbelieveable. Dude was taking his morning jog so he could better his health and thus have more years on earth but God had other plans. He simply collapsed and passed on.

Rest in Peace Timothy Agaba.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I believe dumping in this case rubbish is one of the worst habits one can possess. As any human being i aint perfect but i try not to dump just like many Ugandans do. I chew alot but make sure i always throw the gum whose sugar is finished in a rubish dump after properly wrapping it. When i was still a smoker i always made sure i had an ashtray at hand and properly dispossed off the butt in this case that of the cigarette or threw it away in a rubbish can.
However, last weekend on my way to work i diverted from my normal practices. After loading my fon, i threw the scratch card on a heap of rubbish an old lady had compiled around The New Vision offices. This wasn't so bad as the old lady was going to properly dispose off the rubbish. Imagine my shock when a few steps forward i realise the airtime hadn't loaded. Two things run through my head; go back and search for the scratch card or simply move on and regard it as one of the day's losses. The first option looked the best for me so i turned to go back. To my horror i see two very beautiful ladies standing just next to the pile of rubbish. There was no way i was going to go through this rubbish in search of my card while they watched. I proceed to office but 10 minutes after am out again to salvage my A.T. This time i find only a group of cab drivers and i thought with them there was nothing to loose. I get closer to the heap and all i could see were about 30 scratch cards which meant finding mine out of all this was an impossibility. And that is how my weekend of losses started.

How about people who eat on public commuters. You board a taxi and yo neighbour retrieves 2 boiled eggs from his trouser pocket for the guys or handbag for the ladies. Gross; right? However, doesn't beat my friend's tale of his most horrible journey on a public commuter. No sooner had their vehicle started moving when his neighbour started fidgiting with his bag and removed a small package carefully wrapped in a newspaper. With a beaming smile dude unwraps a ka-fried fish. He happly starts munching away while tactfully screening and sorting the bu-bones from the flesh with his tongue and spitting em out through the window. There is that tribe of people so obssessed with fish, i wont mention.

Am also one of those Ugandans who are in full support of the government's ban on importation of used fridges, computers, and other electricals. Dude, this was another form of dumping as most of those items were so old and rotten. Anyone in doubt should come i take him to a place with BLACK and WHITE computer monitors.

What do yu guys think?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Its been ages since i last posted. People have refused to respond to ma texts let alone speak to me untill i post something. All i have been doing is read other people's blogs and leave comments. Just couldn't think of anything to write about.
In order to keep ma friends and also keep the blog spirit alive let me just update you on some of my life's recent experiences.

The greatest of all is my friend's galfriend gave birth to a lovely baby boy saturday morning. Had to stay awake till 4am awaiting the birth of our son. Ofcourse i wasn't in bed. Was in one of my bu-spots 'till the long awaited call. Call was shortly followed by a text asking that we carry bu-drinks for taata baby. Bought the bu-drinks and drove off to Hospital to celebrate bulungi. At hospital we weren't allowed to go to the delivery room. Its after alot of convincing and reminders that that was my godson they were denying me to see, the nurses gave in. For yo information, i am a self impossed godfather. The moment i learnt that Char. was expecting, i bestowed upon my self responsibility of godfather. It turned into some kind of song that the parents gave in, the grannies laughed about it but later accepted, the other friends have nuggu and still fail to give me some godfather respect. Ladies and gentlemen, please start refering to me as godfather Jny.
So saturday May 12th Smith Shakespear II my godson was born. The Shakespear name was passed on from his dad.
This got me to some realisation, almost all my boys are daddies now; anyone out there want to be a mommy soon? Only to the first kid as i already have a deal with the mom to my second child.

Meanwhile my boy who lost a galfriend and kid at birth is recovering really good. Thanks to friends sacrifising time to be their for him so he doesnt get so lonely and feel the void left by galfriend's pass on. Had bit though was breaking to him news of Smith Shakespear II's birth. We always talked of how their kids would be buddies, taking care of each other and if of the opposite sex no making passes at each other as they'd be more of brother and sister. All this can't come to pass now.

Meanwhile Sleek of the Sleek and Wild fame gave me a buzz this week. I now know his/her sex. Antipop, do you still want to know? Actually me and him could do some biz together.

On work; all is well. The past three weeks ive been on a roll. Always at my desk by 8am. Even on those days when it rains/drizzles in the morning and you just dont want to get out of bed. Going to reward me self with a bottle of Jamessons so i can take a shot each morning i wake up early.

Meanwhile i met some ka-reallly nice gal but.................

Have a blessed week all ye nice people.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Obugalo obugalo to Miss EizzyK for the HONEST SCRAP AWARD she bestowed upon me. I now know why people say garbage while receiving PAM awards coz am also mumbling some gibberish stuff due to the excitement am going through right now.
Webale nnyo, webare munonga, wanyala, Asante sana, Yalama, gracious senora,grazie, etc etc.

Now off to some of the 10 honest things about me;

1. I love, like, favour, admire, want to be associated with, (can do all positive things) for beautiful women.

2. I dated and was in love with 2 women at the same time during my campus days.

3. I am an alcoholic.

4. I have shared a bed with a chic for more than a month but never got into any kind of kinky stuff.

5. I am a shy guy but only me knows. (Damn did i just spill that out).

6. I get so emotional and i cry at very moving circumstances like death of loved ones although i try so hard not to let people see me at it.

7. I am a very poor ''eater'' and i dont care about what i eat. I have beef everyday at times on all the three major meals of the day.

8. I have dated 2 of my closest friends ex galfriends behind their backs. Still have feelings for one and i always tell her.

9. I flirt alot, i like it and it has gotten me into trouble a couple of times. (I've lost some good friends as they thought i was taking them for a ride).

10. Lastly, i am a believer although i never go to church. I say a prayer b4 i sleep and one before i switch on my computer at work.

Now, the Bloggers i think who deserve this;

1. Emi's

2. carsozy

3. Antipop

4. Neatsilverbow

5. Solo King

6. Nevender

7. Angella Kintu

8. Mudamuli

Then the instructions for the 'chosen ones' ;
1.You must brag about the award
2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger
3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. 4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog.
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself.
Then pass it on with the instructions!

Blessed Day to yu all.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On a very sad note

Death just robbed us of another very young beautiful intelligent lady. As if one wasn't enough, her baby also never made it.
Wednesday 15th April is one day i'll never forget. It is the birthday for a certain lady i believe ill never get over with but now something sad has been added to it. Speak of a bitter-sweet day. On this day, my main boy Ivan lost his galfriend and little angel.
Of all my friends, Ivan is the hardest of us all. But seeing Ivan shed tears at the galfriend's burial, i couldnt hold back my tears as well. I imagined the so many things running through his mind. How was he to leave without his lady, what would his kid have looked like, was it a boy or gal(they had never taken a scan but awaiting a surprise on de day), what was he to do with all the toys and small baby clothes he'd bought.
This is a lady he had known since o'level. Started dating way back in s.4 and they've never looked back since then. Why now that he has found the dream job, she has a perfect job, just completed her MBA, and life seems so glossy for both of them! So many things they had planned to do together. Build the perfect house, give their kids the perfect upbringing, have a lavish wedding, but all this shall never come to pass.
Pity on to her parents. Seeing their gift of a daughter grabbed from them by the evil hand of death. Denied the chance to see and share in the fun that comes with grandchildren.

As i type this i get all so teary. Fcuk the macho guy bullshit. This is so heartbreaking.

Rest In Peace Lydia Nassali and be strong my man Ivan Mpagi aka Neke.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Looks like the blogcks is in my neighbourhood. I am tongue tied, fingers tied, thouts tied and just can't get my self to write anything.

However, a summary of my past days;

Been doing the usual lounging with the boys. One is planning to leave bachelorhood but all signs show its the lady calling the shots. Annnnnnnnd, tha boys dont approve of the chic but its his choice and his life. Ffe we shall just wear kanzus 4 kwanjula, contribute to the wedding ceremony and also perfect new tactics of sneaking him out of the house for a drink once he moves in with kyana.

Somehow this month i run broke so early in the month. Around the 6th of the month and not the usual 17th to 21st of the month.

Haven't attended any Rock Night in a long time. Both at Steak out and Effendy's.

My presence on the soccer pitch has greatly improved. Been playing for about 4 sundays in a row and i feel much improved as regardless my physical fitness.

Returned to attending local rugby matches. I made one recollection here; pretty gals dont watch rugby anymore. Back in the hay days, it was about the rugby games, beer, pork, and "bird watching". Not anymore.

I also took some time off and scrolled through my phone books. I found so many names i couldn't match up with a face. Most of these we get when out having fun. I vowed never to ask for phone numbers again. Very serious on this one. I also deleted all numbers of people i know but haven't called or received a call or text nessage from in the last 8months. I dont think i need those.

Looking forward to this month's BHH.

Nice weekend folks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

House, friends and an almost new lifestyle.

It's on a low note that i announce my moving out of my old house in Naalya. After all the good times i spent in this place, my very disorganised room but very comfortable, the ceiling i very well knew when sleeping on my back and getting......, So many memories. The lovely kitchen which on a good day i'd take over and fix my self and the boys a good meal. (Good meal as it was alaways accompanied by some hard liquor so no one ever complained). The lounge where i'd chill on those broke nights with my legs up the chair and think of all the fun i was missing out at rock night. The parties, the ladies, the kids, the visitors that would spend some days, my humble and at times "kukus" house keep Andrew, our house maid Daphine. The easy accessibility. All you needed to tell first time visitors is that it was opposite SKY hotel or it was Matembe's house and within no time they'd be at the gate. The ka-shop where they'd allow me take whatever i wanted on credit to the tune of 80gs a month and they wouldn't hassle me to pay up. On second thought, weren't these people reaping me off? What was i getting from this shop in a month that would total up to that amount. My investigations start now. Anyway am'a miss this place and my good neighbours that stood all our crazy ways(at times).

Im moving on to another house in Ntinda, but this has to wait for atleast 2 weeks as the current occupants move out. Currently i am staying with a good friend in Bukoto flats and boy oh boy my lifestyle is changed. This dude is the laid back, very humble, kind and a workaholic type of person. Time check 6am and he is at my door waking me up. In my old place i used to be the early riser. 7.20am and am up. My houssemate used to refer to me as his alarm clock coz when he heard me get up at 7.20am he'd be reminded that he has only 30 minutes of sleep left. Nowadays 6am and am up, get set and 6.30am we are on the way to office. Time check 6.40am and we are it his office as there are a few cars on the road so we try out some Raikkonen moves on the Lugogo bypass and Kololo drive. 7am and am at my desk. Thank God of late i've been having alot of work to do. I wonder how it would have been back then when my work schedule was abnormally light. By mid day am done with most of my tough tasks, watch some OZ, then do the light work in the afternoon. Hope i can keep up this new schedule even when i move into my new place coz i think i like it.

On a good/bad note, this dude does all the spending that i am left feeling so guilty. From food, to breakfast, pizza for the evening, his galfriend and not mine comes over to prepare dinner. All i do is look on, eat and keep my wallet cngested. If this is the way ladies feel when we dudes pick all the bills, then i don't wanna be a lady. (not that i have ever even imagined). It doesn't feel right at all. One would ask why i dont buy or share the bills. I have tried but dude always claims he wants to break down the 50k notes. Kale, let me enjoy after all its for only 2 weeks.
Problem comes when we retire home after work. I want to watch NatGeo Wild he wants to watch Hallmark movies. I drink J.D, Bell Lager or Nile special, he is down for Mirinda pineapple or Alvaro. I love my cancer stick and he doesn't at all. However, he loves the club(read disco) like it is closing the following day. One thing in common is we both like and appreciate beautiful ladies. (At times i wonder how we ended up being so close; but yes we are.)

Atleast I have been saved all those bu bachelor expenses on buying people coffee b4 going home, chicken and chips at ME!, and the invites for supper at people's homes which dont come cheap. Before you get to place of supper, a call comes in and she politely asks you to buy some raw liver and a bottle of wine on your way. In the end you end up spending the same amount you'd have spent at Face2 on sizzling oba sizzled PIG and beer on a good day financially, or those roadside chips and pillawo on a bad day. (The life of a bachelor)

But again, i just can't wait to get into my new house. I am not sharing house anymore. No waking up to soundtracks from housemates room at ungodly hours. I'll have a spare room for a brother that can't find his way home after a night out. Have the freedom to do whatever i want without consulting anyone or wondering what they'll think of my acts and when the crdit crunch ceases, who knows a house warnming pareeeeeee might be on.

On the off side; I think am deveoping special feelings 4 someone. Thats for another day.

Happy week my people.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some of my recent life's lessons.

Been away for like 2 weeks now and as usual ive been discovering new things and getting into very funny encounters

The other weekend i was robbed by a boda boda chap on my way home from the bar. After having a couple of free drinks at a house party in Naguru, decided to crown the night by checking out one popular spot in Kisementi. This is one of ma favourite hunting grounds. Anyway, this time the only person i met was out to burst her boyfie who had apparently come into the country without her notice. She was in no mooods for small flattery talk so i left her accomplish her mission. Unfortunately i was late for my ride home as ma friends thought i was sorted and decided to leave me. The auditor in me (auditors are thosee guys who spend like indians) decided i jump on a bike to ntinda. Around Bemuga house and it sarts raining. Boda guy decides he cant continue riding in the rain and that i should hitch another boda. In the meantime i have to pay him for the ride there. So he flags down another boda to finish my ride. So i ask 1st boda guy if he had change to which he answered in the affirmative. Out goes my 20k note and no sooner had he handled the note than he accelerated his bike leaving me looking like a fool. Second chap volunteers to run after the thief and return with my him. I simply laughed at his "kindness". Luckily i had some more money on me so i flag down another bike to finish my journey home.
To avoid the same ordeal, i go to Chicken royale to buy food and get changed money. I get the food, hop on the bike and we sped off to my house. I thank the guy like 3 times which i never do as i assume my sitting on a boda is doing the rider a favour. I properly check my wallet to avoid overpaying this guy and out goes 6grand. Guy rides away so fast. Its after i get into the house that i realised i had over paid the dude. Instead of 2grand, i had given him 6grand; a 1k note and a 5k note. I simply threw away the food and entered my bed very frustrated.
Lesson re-learned; cheaps things are not really free. Instead of paying 15k for a safe comfortable ride home, i paid 26grand for a very uncomfortable, very cold , rain filled ride on a boda home.

By the start of the week i had completely forgotten all about my weekend escapade. I was looking forward to a highly billed drink up at a friend's house. Only trick was it was on the day of lovers and most ladies were claiming they would be with their boyfriends. This didn't deter our moods as most of the guys who had comfirmed attendance were in relationships but had already planned for the day. Some feigned sickness, others tok the ladies out in the day and then came to party later; so i knew there would be very many other gals with such boyfies and they would be readily available for the party. Party was such a success. i actually met our own Silverbow.
To cut it short lady luck was on my side that day. I hooked a fine mukiga lady. Oke big is not my kind of thing but i also surprised myself. Time check 4am and am the proud winner of mukiga lady. However, trouble started when she assured me away atches aren't her kind of thing. Nigga i have never slept out of ma bed in the last 5years unless am travelling. The devil in me accepted to go and see how good i can perform on a foreign turf. can't go into details but am nursing injuries right now. Two full days on foreign ground aint kid's play.
Lesson learnt; never take all yo friends advice so serious. About a week back a one Igiss of the blogging fame assured me that bakiga ladies are not as tough as they are widely claimed to be. He told me they are really soft in everything. Igis, how do yu plead?

Oh, before i forget; one of ma friends is so bitter with me because i have been in touch with his ex girlfriend. Dude has a steady girl friend and a daughter at the moment. However, for all times sake he used to run to ex-galfriend once in a while till she found out he had a baby and a steady girlfriend with whom they stay with. So they had a very big fight and she pulled out for keeps. However, me and her remained good friends. So saturde at the party dude asks for my phone to make a call but instead moves to my inbox. Speak of guys who have female insticts. Sorry ladies. So once drunken happy guy now went silent all of a sudden. He then decides to just drive off without telling anyone. Am so lucky he didnt smash my fon. So Sunday morning am in a place i dont remember, when my phone rings and the number on screen is my friend's ex but no name. She asks me if i had told my friend anything about us. I then ask her if there was anything to hide about us. Tells me of how dude was calling and referring to her as a whore, very cheap and a slut. I try calling the dude but he didnt pick. I send him a text but no reply. Call the other boys who say he wasnt answering their calls as well. How bitchy. Anyway, the boys managed to reach him somehow and a Rugunda, Rick Machar, a Mao, and a Walter Ochola plus Matsanga have already taken their positions and a round table hearing is set for Thursday this week. My first question to this dude is going to be; what the fcuk where yu looking for in my inbox? He erased all messages from her as well as her number. Only issue here was the language this lady kept using in her texts and their frequency. But for a mature understanding guy, someone refering to you as darling, sweetheart, my dear aint a big deal. Ive seen it everywhere even hear in the blogging community and it doesnt mean a thing.
Meanwhile the lady has intensified the calls and texts. I think she has decided to use this as payback to my frieend as he really got her through some really hard times.
Anyway ill update you my people on Friday afer we sit and resolve this as mature guys.
Lesson learnt; not all men are men enough.

Otherwise, am too busy organinsing my friends wedding slated for this saturday. Normzo wait for your holla.

Nice week my people.

Friday, February 6, 2009

weekly uodate

This week has been a rather exciting one for me. Started the week on a low note as she from Lyon had to go back on Monday 02 Feb. And oh yeah i didn't do things the "Kiwewesi" style. Day before she left, i teasingly asked that we go and have a civil marriage (is it the one at the register of marriages?). Ofcourse i was kidding, who would want to be tied at this day and age. You should have seen her reaction. I didnt know people of outside countries also still treasure cows and all that hullabaloo that takes place on kuhingira and kwanjula. She told me all about how her wedding is meant to be. From the dress, to the maids, the colours, food, etc. I regreted why i started such a weak convesration.
Monday evening she boards and leaves. Its like it had been announced publically that she had gone coz i received 2 phone calls on my way from EBB and faced questions like as yu are so quiet and why do yu nowadays switch off yo phone in the night. Maybe it was just a coincidence that campus is now open and many people out there are party malnourished.

Tuesday started on a rather very sad note. Brenda passed on. Got wind of her sickness last Friday while doing the usual polite one with the boys. We was all shocked and planned on going to see her that evening but it wouldnt make sense going to hospital intoxicated. Come saturday, we go to hospital and we couldnt see her as she was in intensive care. Tuesday morning and the very sad news is broken. R.I.P Nsangi.

Back to the remainder of my week;
I must say in all my C.V's i claim to have very highly developed organisational skills which skills i have never put to good practice. So on wednesday i decided its about time people witness these skills. My former workmate and good friend has decided he wants to now "do things" officially and he is getting married. I have volunteered to head the food committee. I refused to take up the post of incharge drinks for reasons well known to all of you. My thirst for the bitter seems to be unquenchable. So come 24th this month and i will be the Director in charge of food at my boy's wedding. Anyone wanna come?

My housemate is currently in Rwanda and as if on exchange programme some friend of ours from Rwanda decided to come to Ug. Dude, these boys are so party starved. They party day in day out form 7am to 7pm. when am leaving to go work they are coming to sleep. Good thing is they have very "chute" friends as my French friends would say. And they the chute friends stay here. They say this world is very small. so we may meet someday.

Moving on to last evening i for once comfirmed that not 100% of what red pepper writes is false.It is very true some Campus chics dont wear panties. wallahiiii it is very true. Atte in skirts. Atleast if it were trousers. Whoever is doubting holla me right now and i'll take you and meet a couple of them. I hear it starts as a joke and it later gets so comfortable that those small pieces of cloth are reserved for CALTEX moments and visits to the gynae. Don't ask me how i found out all this; read the red pepper.

Friday morning m leaving the house for work and my Kigali boys are returning home. They had a real FAMUUU ( as abdu Mulasi would pronounce it). If i wasn't a "seen it all before guy", i'd now be home blasting away. I saw very many lovely intoxicated little ones all coming into my house with a swagger like theirs not ours. But the xtian that i am, the advocate of abolition of cross generational sex, and the very focused guy i am; i chose work and not getting laid. However, if i return this evening and they are still in my house, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (I'll get a stick and chase them away).

That in brief is how my week has been. looking up to friday night then saturde and sunday. As regards work, there is been very little to do. The guys at Heathrow have been cancelling flights to EBB like they are doing it for fun. No flights to EBB means there is no biz for me and therefore i remain redundant and as they say, an idle mind is the.......

Still to come;
Have a house warming party 2mrw and ive been asked to take along some very nice gals. Am stuck, Igiss can i borrow your gal friends. My sister wants to come along with her friends but that shall ruin my fun. Dont want her to see big bro being shaddy and i also can't stand seeing a ki-guy make a pass at my little princess.

Listening to every Bob Marley song i can get ma hands on.

enjoy yours weekend.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last night was one of my hardest nights in my own house.
You see sharing a house is nice because you get to share bills, rent arrears and housemate can bail you out when the credit crunch really bites.

However last night was horrible. I was broke and so decided to head straight home after work, eat homemade food, watch telly and sleep. Housemate wasn't in so i did my thing and slept.
Time check 12.00am and dude comes in with his very beautiful girlfriend. Hardly 5 minutes passed and i hear these crazy moaning sounds. I down play it as a man is entitled to some good stuff from galfriend. Dude, 2 more minutes and you'd think housemate is strangling someone. The oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah's were too too loud. Sparkatuss, i think this jamma is a size nine, or he has access to the blue pill. At one moment i thought i'd go knock at his door and advise these guys to clearly outline the rules of the game. I was also worried that the house might come down crumbling on us; or if we were lucky only the roof would fly off. All this time my stereo was on and so was music from housemate's laptop connected to some heavy speakers. So i can hardly determine what exactly these guys were doing. I think the chic also added "fujjo" oba wa "kujjubisaring" both meaning exxaggerating.

Okay 45 minutes later and they are done coz i could hear beautiful lady's giggles. Giggle's that can only be compared to a very satisfied baby. Time for me to get back to ma sleep. Off goes the stereo and put ma head back on the pillow. Before it was on top of ma head. Dude, 5 minutes and the "cat licking milk" sounds are back again. Then the verrrrrrrrrrry loud screams. Nigga, this time i couldn't handle. Just got out of bed, got my cancer sticks and off i went to blow rings of smoke. But seriously, i think my neighbours even heard. So am done with my 3 sticks, and an ofwono fanta and am ready to go back to bed. At this time our tigress is also in need of some refreshment. So we like collide in the corridor. She screamed so hard and run back to her man's room. Dont know what really scared her; was it the ka-tall tiny only in boxers creature she bumped into or she thought that there was a ghost in the house as there were no lights on. But serious how did she expect me to sleep with all the noise she was emitting!
My boy then started playing some Gospel music. I dont know if this was some kind of white flag or he was trying to play along with galfriend who had turned so religious throughout the battle.

Meanwhile, my boy told me this lovely thing had only started eating things in December last year. He had the honours of being the opening batsman, as my cricket friends would say. So who taught her how to sing oba the ringtones are inbuilt in every lady?

Anyway 2 lessons i learnt last night. Omwavu talina choice loosely translated as a brokeman has no choice. If i was not broke, i would have gone for rock night, come home drunk and slept all through this noise.
Secondly, i should invest in a good set of ear phones.

On the offside: I have 2 confirmed grad parties with alot of food and drink. I am going to eat and drink to the brim and return home sorted. Housemate bring it on tonight, i wont feel it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So far so good.

This year has really started with a bang. I thought this would be the year when i would discover my other self. I mean the introvert in me. Spend most of my times at work and home. This is the year i chose to launch my plans of having 2 kids by the age 30. First step towards this goal is to accumulate big monies, then the rest shall follow.

2008 ended well for me and this one has also started with too much fun.This wasn't the way i had planned things to go. End of last year i met a very interesting pretty girl.This girl is so off the hook. First problem is the French mama was also meant to be in the country on Jan 3rd 2009. She came in a day earlier. So here i am with two ladies i want to spend most of my free time with. All was well untill i refered to lady from France as a "fcuked up French blonde". We didnt talk for about 3 to 4 days.

Last week, was a Monday to Thursday work week for me. Coupled with the fact that i always got to work late and always left early, you'd say i worked only three days that week. Add the hours i spent chatting and day dreaming and you will realise i didn't work the whole week.
Thursday evening was meant to be our make-up night so off to the Kla Casino for supper. Ofcourse i didnt choose the venue as this year i had (mark the tense) promised to live the life of an auditor (those guys even ask their househelps for invoices). Anyway dinner is fine untll i notice 2 bu-gals looking our way and gigging. after taking a closer look i realised i knew both of them from way back in my hay days.
Madam came with 2 bu-short french men who are too crazy for their 5'6 sizes. Never in Uganda had i ever seen whites with a good taste in women. These chaps told me they wanted Ugandan girls and i thought that would be an easy task for me. I was not ready to hook them with any of my girls as i thought that wasnt their taste(beautiful) and my friends are not for playing around with. I was shocked when after doing the streets, visiting the beach and most pubs that these chaps go like............"i think Uganda doesn't have the most beautiful girls in Africa." Imagine such an insult. These bu-men want girls in Zuena's league. Not that she is the prettiest but i know most of the guys shall concur with me that she is nice. They even want bootay. Actually there taste is so similar to Igis'. For insulting me and my country, am not getting them women. Let em "starve".
My weekend went away just like that without me seeing my beautiful Ugandan friend whom i've grown so fond of. Imagine it has to be this way untill Feb 02nd when they go away.
Monday morning i was too tired to go out of bed. Woke up at 10am and realised its too late to go work. At 1pm i was in Jinja on a bungee jumping mission. Nigga that sh*t is scary. I'll go back this saturday and this time i will not disappoint.
Today i came to office, very tired, and BROKE like a problem. Yes these guys have the Euros but they are guys. It aint cool enjoying another man's hard earned dimes. We always shared the bills. (So all you guys out there who accompany their oba sisters, cousins, galfriends to feast on account of a fellow man get some shame).

Friday i shamelessly attended my cousin's wedding in jeans, an untucked in shirt with folded sleeves and timbaland boots. This is because i have been away from my emails and that's where the wedding invitations were sent. You know these guys who live in outside countries. At around 10pm that night while on ma 5th tequila shot, i received a phone call from my old man wondering why i wasn't for the wedding. Had to rush there and found everyone so well dressed and having a ball. But being family and the fact that i wasn't fluking, all was well. I joined in the fun and partied the night away. Later, we stormed EQUATOR(Former Rhino pub). Trust these chaps called "ba-summer", they knew this bar had been re-opened before me. Nice place with pretty ladies. No full of whites like it was in the past.

Today its Ug vs kenya. Am'a be there cheering our lads on.

Solo King thanx for the tips on effective spending. I just saw it today. Guess i'll start on your tips next month because this month there is nothing left to save. All is gone.

Guess what, my bosses have summoned me to Nairobi this weekend. Dont know if they read my post on jobo being so boring and me sleeping in office every day at 3pm.

Otherwise, hope all you guys are having a great start to the new year.