Friday, March 20, 2009


Looks like the blogcks is in my neighbourhood. I am tongue tied, fingers tied, thouts tied and just can't get my self to write anything.

However, a summary of my past days;

Been doing the usual lounging with the boys. One is planning to leave bachelorhood but all signs show its the lady calling the shots. Annnnnnnnd, tha boys dont approve of the chic but its his choice and his life. Ffe we shall just wear kanzus 4 kwanjula, contribute to the wedding ceremony and also perfect new tactics of sneaking him out of the house for a drink once he moves in with kyana.

Somehow this month i run broke so early in the month. Around the 6th of the month and not the usual 17th to 21st of the month.

Haven't attended any Rock Night in a long time. Both at Steak out and Effendy's.

My presence on the soccer pitch has greatly improved. Been playing for about 4 sundays in a row and i feel much improved as regardless my physical fitness.

Returned to attending local rugby matches. I made one recollection here; pretty gals dont watch rugby anymore. Back in the hay days, it was about the rugby games, beer, pork, and "bird watching". Not anymore.

I also took some time off and scrolled through my phone books. I found so many names i couldn't match up with a face. Most of these we get when out having fun. I vowed never to ask for phone numbers again. Very serious on this one. I also deleted all numbers of people i know but haven't called or received a call or text nessage from in the last 8months. I dont think i need those.

Looking forward to this month's BHH.

Nice weekend folks.


  1. lose the numbers that have no face to them.....hahahaa

    cheers mate

    nice weekend

  2. you know very well the reason my number's been inactive playa! It is in the name...

  3. I don't ask why people just ask for numbers like that? If you know you have no intention of calling them..lets say in the next 5 days..why ask for the number?

    Anyhu, hows the whole living solo biz going? Did you have a house-warming?

  4. I hear the boys dont approve. As if you know what goes on when the lights go out. Didnt yo mama teach you something, ewabagalana ababili tosayo kikyo

  5. I do this allllll the time...
    Scroll through deleting numbers...
    I think I'm an ‘Obsessesive declutterist’

    Nice blog..

  6. wats up Normzo. Yu shd go thru yo phone book critically this weekend and yu shall see.

    @Antipop. Your number is off my head for like 6years now.

    @Val; yu know things of exchanging numbers maybe at parties, when intoxicated, and then forget the people after.
    Moving end this month.

    @Chanel; that's so true thats why we all let the man go ahead and have marry his kyana.

  7. do have a lovely weekend. delete delete delete. i think i should do that on my phone too.

  8. everytime i delete a number due to the reason stated above..the person calls within the next 5 days and i have no idea who they are so i go like..."whose this"...doesnt usually go down well...

  9. Broke on the musta have a great reason...At least you are fit, am still recovering from a 5k run..yes totally unfit me

    Yes numbers are for like calling the next day and you delete if it's not a sexy voice at the other end of the line

  10. Emi's are you kidding me? From the 2nd i am already back to normal programming. I get paid on the 25th so by 1st i am already pretty much broke. It is just sad

  11. why is everyone broke this month! your not the first to have mentioned running low on dime early this month....

    Good to know you still playing soccer. where do you play?
    Played a match last week saterday (not the recent past sato), and we lost...guess i should go back 2 training too...

    when and where is the next BHH? since i'm 18 now, might gather enough courage to go show up...lmao!

  12. @3. Yu should. feels good knowing yu only have those numbers that yu need.

    @RocNaija; thanx 4 passing by.

    @Ug.Gal; i always avoid asking who the other person is. I try and make out the voice and if i fail i call back later.

    @Emi; things are tight but soon getting better.
    Abt the digits, there are times yu get like 5 new numbers a night and next day yu call only the one whose owner yu liked the most.

    @Antipop; me and yu come along way.

    @Eizzy; i guess the crunch is slowly creeping into Ug.
    I play soccer from MUBS pitch every sunday 4pm. Sori abt yo loss. Come join our team.
    BHH shd be this thursday. Its on the last thursde of the month at Mateos. Now that yo a big gal, please show up. Yo first drink on me.

  13. you sound sooooooo grown up? you really wanna get married you tying the note for real? good for you

  14. hmmm thursday not a good night 4 me...but mayb u cud buy me that drink on friday or sato...

    Do you have girls on ur team??

  15. This was a fun read, you have some interesting life there; Broke on the 6th, then deleting numbers, hehehe.

  16. @Lulu; that aint me getting married. Its my friend.

    @Eizzy; so next saturde a drink on me. Name the venue.

    @Mjay; its such a pleasure to have such a comment from yu. Thank yu.

  17. eeeeeh hi be you? did you go for bhh? anyway

  18. 4real? LoL, cool, gimmie ur addy n i will definatly halla!

  19. The boys should back off if the two love each other.

    Seems like you having lots of fun. Nice weekend too.

  20. hahahaha....but lulu. u thought it was him getting married? woman get over yourself...he says he has....kozi how many mo years jny?

    eh, have u shifted? wen is the house warming? ure huse had better have a kitchen, whose light is spoilt, wen u cal us to the party.

    otherwise, how are u buddy?

  21. @sleek; yeah 6th. but this time am on a +ve roll. 17th and am still looooaaaaaddddeeeeddddd.

    @Lulu; no i didnt go. waiting for this month's.

    @miss Eizzy; is where yu can find me.

    @Lindah; nice to have yu here. Munange the guy realised it was only him and the chic rushing the wedding. his family also talked him into not rushing things. So its off for now but loads of beef from the madam.

    @Silvabow; ill let yu know when haree is but yu gat hooked. time for the host to also get himself something.