Monday, March 2, 2009

House, friends and an almost new lifestyle.

It's on a low note that i announce my moving out of my old house in Naalya. After all the good times i spent in this place, my very disorganised room but very comfortable, the ceiling i very well knew when sleeping on my back and getting......, So many memories. The lovely kitchen which on a good day i'd take over and fix my self and the boys a good meal. (Good meal as it was alaways accompanied by some hard liquor so no one ever complained). The lounge where i'd chill on those broke nights with my legs up the chair and think of all the fun i was missing out at rock night. The parties, the ladies, the kids, the visitors that would spend some days, my humble and at times "kukus" house keep Andrew, our house maid Daphine. The easy accessibility. All you needed to tell first time visitors is that it was opposite SKY hotel or it was Matembe's house and within no time they'd be at the gate. The ka-shop where they'd allow me take whatever i wanted on credit to the tune of 80gs a month and they wouldn't hassle me to pay up. On second thought, weren't these people reaping me off? What was i getting from this shop in a month that would total up to that amount. My investigations start now. Anyway am'a miss this place and my good neighbours that stood all our crazy ways(at times).

Im moving on to another house in Ntinda, but this has to wait for atleast 2 weeks as the current occupants move out. Currently i am staying with a good friend in Bukoto flats and boy oh boy my lifestyle is changed. This dude is the laid back, very humble, kind and a workaholic type of person. Time check 6am and he is at my door waking me up. In my old place i used to be the early riser. 7.20am and am up. My houssemate used to refer to me as his alarm clock coz when he heard me get up at 7.20am he'd be reminded that he has only 30 minutes of sleep left. Nowadays 6am and am up, get set and 6.30am we are on the way to office. Time check 6.40am and we are it his office as there are a few cars on the road so we try out some Raikkonen moves on the Lugogo bypass and Kololo drive. 7am and am at my desk. Thank God of late i've been having alot of work to do. I wonder how it would have been back then when my work schedule was abnormally light. By mid day am done with most of my tough tasks, watch some OZ, then do the light work in the afternoon. Hope i can keep up this new schedule even when i move into my new place coz i think i like it.

On a good/bad note, this dude does all the spending that i am left feeling so guilty. From food, to breakfast, pizza for the evening, his galfriend and not mine comes over to prepare dinner. All i do is look on, eat and keep my wallet cngested. If this is the way ladies feel when we dudes pick all the bills, then i don't wanna be a lady. (not that i have ever even imagined). It doesn't feel right at all. One would ask why i dont buy or share the bills. I have tried but dude always claims he wants to break down the 50k notes. Kale, let me enjoy after all its for only 2 weeks.
Problem comes when we retire home after work. I want to watch NatGeo Wild he wants to watch Hallmark movies. I drink J.D, Bell Lager or Nile special, he is down for Mirinda pineapple or Alvaro. I love my cancer stick and he doesn't at all. However, he loves the club(read disco) like it is closing the following day. One thing in common is we both like and appreciate beautiful ladies. (At times i wonder how we ended up being so close; but yes we are.)

Atleast I have been saved all those bu bachelor expenses on buying people coffee b4 going home, chicken and chips at ME!, and the invites for supper at people's homes which dont come cheap. Before you get to place of supper, a call comes in and she politely asks you to buy some raw liver and a bottle of wine on your way. In the end you end up spending the same amount you'd have spent at Face2 on sizzling oba sizzled PIG and beer on a good day financially, or those roadside chips and pillawo on a bad day. (The life of a bachelor)

But again, i just can't wait to get into my new house. I am not sharing house anymore. No waking up to soundtracks from housemates room at ungodly hours. I'll have a spare room for a brother that can't find his way home after a night out. Have the freedom to do whatever i want without consulting anyone or wondering what they'll think of my acts and when the crdit crunch ceases, who knows a house warnming pareeeeeee might be on.

On the off side; I think am deveoping special feelings 4 someone. Thats for another day.

Happy week my people.


  1. you detoother! if he says no, you insist. instead, you just pocket the wallet! kyoka people!

  2. dude...thought somehow u would be moving to the areas of Makindye(u know y)...

    so anyways good luck with yo new joint....

    And better maximise the two weeks at yo buddys joint..since he has to keep on breaking those 50's.

    cheers mate.

  3. Enjoy the new house..once you do move in that is...

    Aaawwwwww @ the last bit :)

  4. No no no we can't wait for the credit crunch to be done. This is what we going to do, we going to bring drinks and eats and music all we need is a venue ie your new crib

  5. Antipop, be very careful.

    @Normzo; man makindye no way. Too much destruction. Actually someone complained when i announced i was staying in ntinda.

    @Thanx Val. How is yo kitchen roomie? No mo for me.

    Thanx Nev.

    @Be Silent; good idea that one. Yu'll be the 1st to know abt it.

  6. dude we shall bring our own drinks for the house party in 2weeks time!!

    are you detoothing yo buddy?? for real???

  7. Do you know how many people would kill to have a roomie like yours? plenty. but i guess having your own crib and increased privacy is paramount but lets first chill this shit. special feelings bro? looks like the playas days are numbered.

  8. lol...since you have been branded a detoother already....i wont say anymore...

    Special feelings..who, when, where , how...spill

  9. Emrys you coward! i dare you to show face!

  10. Dude. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    And isn't getting up so early simply... invigorating??

    And where the house party at??

  11. Wish I had someone like your roomie for a house mate, splitting bills would be easier. You need to reward him with pig on the house warming

    Special feelings?? I hope you get out of that confusion soon.

    Ntinda is a quite nice place you'll enjoy it.

    Holla @ the beautiful ladies

  12. so dude, did you move already? update?

  13. Wow, your moving into your own crib…big deal! Congratulations dude! I guess that means another box is checked off your thing s to achieve before I die list! LoL!

    Your friend sounds really nice, if he insists who are you to argue over who pays the bills, hey? But you do need to make it up to him someday somehow…!!!

    So since I’m official now, I’ll so be expecting an invite to this house warming party of yours!