Thursday, June 20, 2013


Woke up this morning and I knew there was something special about the day. First, I woke up at 5.30 am. For the HEAVY sleeper that I am, 5.30am was an all time personal best. Yes, I was on the back foot of a major work project but from a guy that usually wakes up after 9 am, something was going down. Fast-forward to my normal work and something comes to my is the 20th June 2013. Gosh; ''I think I missed mom's death anniversary." Yes/No. Yes/No. It is actually today. Today marks 18 years since my sweet mom passed on. I can't say I have come to terms with it. I say a little prayer for her every day. Wait a minute; I knew this lady for ONLY 12 years. Actually 11 years and 11 months seeing that I am a July 31st baby. So where do all these strong, rich, sweet, memories come from. I only knew mom as a kid. I was only a child. Why do I think some of my adult life lessons where from mom? I guess she speaks to me in my sleep. One thing I will never forget is her love for the English language. She trained me so early. We always had spelling classes, which were rewarded with money. Today, my ability to speak good English has gotten me through places. Presentations and business pitches have been aced and formidable credit should go to my rich communication and verbal skills. THANK YOU MOTHER. I have a report to make and it's already past presentation time (10.00 am) as I write this. For you mom...I am going to finish up and actually do an excellent job. I will celebrate your 18th anniversary by making you a little more proud after acing the presentation and getting that fat cheque. I LOVE YOU MOTHER. Looking forward to that joyful day when we shall meet again. We shall have to start from where we stopped; 11 year and 11 months. I want to be babied again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

17 Years

20th April, 2012 marks exactly 17 years since you went to meet the Good Lord. Saying that I Miss You, would be an understatement.

About 3 weeks back Jajja-girl came to be with you. You know am now left with no Jajja down here. They are all up there with you.

Two days back, I had this really lovely dream. Me and you together and I was a kid again. You spanked me for being naughty but I liked it. It was so emotional I think I cried in my sleep. No big boys don't cry.

Brenda, Emme and James (Jaymo) are all big now. Jaymo never got a chance to bask in your motherly love. He was about 2 years when you left. Dad has done a great job. He took up your place very well. No; he didn't abandon his fatherly role. He's been a great daddy and "mummy".

Brenda is engaged and has a lovely baby son called Isiaih. Isaiah lights up evryone's life. Jaymo is baby sitter uncle and the two look so alike. Dad asks Brenda to take Isaiah home every other day. He can never get enough of him. Kale if you were here, you'd also take turns with him. You'd love and cherish that little thing. He's growing up so fast a thing that scares me. At 6 months he walks while holding on to stuff. He's also growing teeth. What are we raising here.

I won't wait for you to ask the "million dollar question"....No I am not yet married. I am hitting the big-30 at the end of July but am still single. Munnange long stories. If you were here, "would you have pushed me into getting married and starting my own family?" Haha, no you wouldn't. But one day soon, I will walk down that road. No worries. For now let me be making some more money. Things are not like back then in your days, broke guys have no place in our world.

By the way, your birthday is coming soon, June 15th. Do you ever celebrate it with Jesus and fam? Nowadays I have two birthdays, yours and mine. So I am a June and July baby.

One last update, at the start of this year 2012, I decided to renew or find some spiritual growth. I joined a church called Mavuno Church. Mavuno means harvest. I remember your swahili was sketchy, haha. Mom, this is like the best decision I ever made. I go to church every Sunday, I completed a 10 week kinda bible study called Mzizi which translates to Roots. I have met the most awesome bunch of guys. Our church slogan is "Real people, with Real Issues before a Real God". So cool. After Mizizi, we have now formed a Life Group. This is meant to help us in our Spiritual growth, personal growth, rediscover our life and its purpose, career growth, accountability in life actions and finances, as well as people to talk to and trust. Mom, I can't say am a righteous person now but am much better. I still have plenty of flaws but life is much improved. These guys have accepted me the way I am. Real people. I am learning to read the Bible and pray.

I won't bore you with my work. Nothing to write home about but I love what I do and I need the money.

Kati I have to go.

Love you mom. Till we meet again.