Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 its just a few months.

Its been a while since i was last here.

The year 2010 is yet to bring in any disappointments.

Work is good. Too much work but that's okay as more work means more money thus living the Ug dream. Clients from heaven and hell; ive met them all.

Advertisment break....
"Anyone in need of freight services i.e both sea and airfreight from all parts of the world, you know who to call"....end of kalango(read advert).

Been to extremes in life. The other day i mused at selef after realising how unconsciously i'd become a kayungilizi (read broker) of sorts. Selling land at the shores of lake victoria, another plot in Jinja, Nalya and a house in Namanve. Dude, it aint easy being a guy as brokeness is a no-no. And this aint my normal line of operation. Just helping out friends and the dimes ofcourse.

Had to cancel 2 trips to the land of 1000 hills. Missed out on those beautiful belles(does anyone still refer to ladies that way?). Ma'bad to the guys down in Kigali for i aint coming to see you. I am on invitation of the ladies so its only them that i'll be hanging with. Normzo, i have to make you feel so jealous one day soon.

And oh yeah, i have a lady friend with whom we are getting so close by the day. All naughty and stuff but it aint our fault.

Right now its lent season and people are fasting/ keeping away from things they really love. Listened to so many crazy resolutions and the craziest was "not having sex during the day time." I for one am not going to taste soda throught the lent period. Yes soda, coz on average i take like 3 sodas a day. My friend its not going to be easy.

Thats what's up on my side; yours?

See you all on the twitter side.