Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby sitting. A time well spent.

My godson Smith shakespeare II is fast coming of age. Dude is counting four months at the moment and moving on fast. This saturday we had the chance to spend some real quality time together.
My godsister had a function to attend and couldn't take with her her little bundle of joy. The only safe custody was his dad and godfather. Fast track to 12pm and the little man is delivered along with 2 big bags of baby accessories. A few minutes of orientation from mom and she is off leaving us to our first task of babysitting. Before the mom left, she had to first to do a thorough check to establish that there was no liquor in the house. Ofcourse we didnt let her do this as we confessed being in possession of some. That way she didn't discovered in what quantities but made us promise not to over do it and also not to get tempted into introducing the little one to "the drink" at such a tender age.
On the whole it was a weekend well spent. Such a challenge if i may say and kudos to all parents out there. Parenting is surely a full time job.

The full story in pix below.

Introducing Smith Shakespeare II

Shrek wannabe.

Last moments with the mummy.

He just couldn't wait to be with the boys.

Father to Son moment. My boy Shakespeare Snr.

Drooling. The frequency at which he drools i concluded it's one of his fav pass times.

Learning the basics like how to carry a four month old.

Time to feed.

And then came the big moment; CHANGING DIAPERS.

Daddy cool.



And finally to catch some sleep.

And as the saying goes, work without play........ we needed our drinks to keep going.
Not alot baby gal, just a little bit.


Too much TV i guess.

His mom finally showed up at midnight but i must say we didn't miss her and neither did the little one.

All in all, it was such a good time.
And my boy's first lesson from his god dad is that crying is for sissys. All the time he tried to cry i'd remind him and that way he cried less.
Nice godfather so far, amn't I?

Don't think anyone had a better time than i did.
Blessed new week to you all.