Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So i did't I announce the coming into this world of my nephew Isaiah. The good news was broken to me while in Mbarara at Agip Motel having a good time with my 3 month fiancee. That's a story for another day.
I was the first person my little sister called after delivery. It was a such an emotional moment and the first thing that came to my mind was mom. I wished she was here to experience the joy of being a granny.

Awesome little thing he is. I'd also be so mean if I didn't share his awesomeness with you.

Isaiah at about 1 month.

Learning to suck his thumb like his uncle, at the same age.

Fun moments chilling with Uncle Fab.

Pondering how to convince these guys that we need to take a walk.

On duty (baby sitting) after a very long night. I couldn't stand up but he was very comfy where he was.

Two years down the road and we shall be hitting those supermarkets and kids play areas to bring down two birds with one stone. Isaiah to play and the uncle to add to his list of admirers. Ain't it universally acknowledged that a gentleman in possession of a baby (baby sitting) attracts many ladies' attention and admiration.
Don't ask when i'll get him a niece or nephew; the fiancee run away with all those dreams.
Leggo young man.