Thursday, April 16, 2009

On a very sad note

Death just robbed us of another very young beautiful intelligent lady. As if one wasn't enough, her baby also never made it.
Wednesday 15th April is one day i'll never forget. It is the birthday for a certain lady i believe ill never get over with but now something sad has been added to it. Speak of a bitter-sweet day. On this day, my main boy Ivan lost his galfriend and little angel.
Of all my friends, Ivan is the hardest of us all. But seeing Ivan shed tears at the galfriend's burial, i couldnt hold back my tears as well. I imagined the so many things running through his mind. How was he to leave without his lady, what would his kid have looked like, was it a boy or gal(they had never taken a scan but awaiting a surprise on de day), what was he to do with all the toys and small baby clothes he'd bought.
This is a lady he had known since o'level. Started dating way back in s.4 and they've never looked back since then. Why now that he has found the dream job, she has a perfect job, just completed her MBA, and life seems so glossy for both of them! So many things they had planned to do together. Build the perfect house, give their kids the perfect upbringing, have a lavish wedding, but all this shall never come to pass.
Pity on to her parents. Seeing their gift of a daughter grabbed from them by the evil hand of death. Denied the chance to see and share in the fun that comes with grandchildren.

As i type this i get all so teary. Fcuk the macho guy bullshit. This is so heartbreaking.

Rest In Peace Lydia Nassali and be strong my man Ivan Mpagi aka Neke.


  1. while the angels rejoice for receiving another of their kind up above, we shall mourn for losing one on earth, its a sad note indeed,my prayers to neke,the parents and friends. its said death is inevitable, but it still hurts. mourn till we join u lydia

  2. I heard about her and I am doing a story on why women who arrive on time, have done everything suddenly die in labour.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Second such incident I have heard of in the past two weeks. A friend of a friend who worked at CERUDEB Gulu recently passed away under similar circumstances.

  4. When it is your time, it is your time. It does not matter how many things you have done right in your life. Even before you are born i believe, your book's been written!

    Sorry for your loss.

    In other news, You are not over her??? Playa! You promised me you'd get over her and then we'd have babies?

  5. Dude.

    Terribly sorry to hear about your loss man.

    I hope your homie stays strong.

  6. Am sorry to hear about you friend...I know the pain of death..i have been there...

  7. Thanx all ye ma brothers and sisters for the sympathy and kind words. I'll have to show this to my boy Ivan so he knows so many people out there share with him in this time of grief.

    @Antipop; we really need to sit and talk. One ....

  8. gosh, second blog i've read today with sad news...
    I'm still yet to understand why such unfortunate things really is unfair...but thats life.

    Send my condolences too...

    **Sending like major blessings to y’all**

  9. Sorry mate! Tragedy is a frequent part of our lives yet it strikes when you least expect.

  10. life...just when things are looking rosy,some stuff like this happens and reminds u that God calls the shots...really really sorry to hear there for Ivan, more now that ever

  11. P.S. I taged you on my blog, check it out, it may cheer you up...

  12. I'm so sorry, may the good Lord comfort your friend and give you the strength to be there for him too.

  13. Sorry. There is no answer to all the "whhys".

  14. Sorry never seems to be enough but sorry

  15. It's a shame, heard about her a while back and a dark shadow was cast over me...I was in the same school with the deceased and I dropped a few tears at the news.

    Sorry about the loss friend. She is rejoicing in heaven

    May her soul RIP and God give the family comfort and guidance

  16. Hey mate, am really sorry for that loss.

  17. RIP Lydia........

    Was so shocked to hear about her death. I went to school with her.

  18. sorry.very sorry. heard abt her, actually yayx went toher burial.very sad but ivan will move on.somehow, he will. sorry dude.

  19. My mind races quicly to Ecclesiastes...

    Sorry is darn unpredictable.. God comfort you guys.

  20. There are some questions that we will never answer in this life, we cannot know 'WHY' until we have gone beyond the veil. When such times arise, we are left only with our faith in what makes sense of our lives. I pray you and your friend have something you believe in that will help you make some sense of it. There is a school of thought that such things are meant to make those of us left behind better people, it is a bitter pill to swallow that one. The best we can do is to dedicate our lives to the memory of those who have gone before us and pray that wherever they are they will be proud of us and that somehow along the way we find the grace to make our peace with it and the strength to heal ourselves. You are not alone. We grieve with you and we remember. Sorry. Your friend truly needs you at this point, be the best friend you can be and together you will make it through.

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  31. Today marks 1 full year since you and the little one left this place for what we believe is a better place with our Lord Father. Ivan misses you guys.

    Mourn till we join you Lydia.

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