Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last night as i was chilling on my veranda with glass of juice and "making clouds", I looked up into the sky and marvelled at how beautiful it was with the many brightly shinning stars. At that moment one thing crossed my mind; those were our dearly departed friends and family looking down on us. I named a couple of them and broke into a smile. I was in safe custody.

The count was as follows;

1. Dearest MOM.
2. My 3 grand parents
3. Auntie Penina.
4. Auntie Mable
5. Tendo Philip(Pip)
6. Timothy Agaba
7. Kagoda Jesse
8. Brenda Nsangi
9. Mugabe Kaijuka (Gabs)
10.Lydia Nassali and her baby.
11. Jean Muwanga
12. Little Keira Nagimesi
13. Michael Birungi
14. Wilbrod Oketcho(OX)
15. Sebulime (Santos)
16. Dedan Kiruri
17. Uncle Tom
18. Bukenya Bryan
19. Kennedy Wanguria
20. My cousin Joyce, Roscoe, etc.

3/4s of these were only in their mid 20s.

You could add onto this list. We love yu all.


  1. R.I.P to all of them. ...Just now i was telling my siz how our generation young guys are dying..not like the days of our parents and before. I dont get it. I dont understand it,i dont even think i want to understand it. Its painfully sad.
    *long sigh*

  2. Really sad, but we will see them soon...

  3. It's time to grab hold of the fullness of God; the Psalmist somewhere says "With long life You will satisfy me".

    R.I.P all.

  4. It hurts when the you realise that the young are 'falling' by the day...Its a scary thing for me..

    and reality dictates that one day...its going to be...

    But when my time comes-you tell the people that... I was a humbled soul,a quiet hustler and a lover of the good life...

    may their souls rest in that eternal peace.

  5. My kid sisters Edith and Angela, My old man Fred Bukenya R.I.P SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.

  6. Very sad indeed. I was just thinking this morning about how many people have died in both my parent's families. There's almost no one left.

  7. I think the saddest part is that 3/4 were in their 20s. And there was that accident that perhaps killed everyone on board a matatu in Jinja last night. RIP all.

    I miss my maternal grandmother and wonder what she thinks of me :0)

  8. Moses Ngero - I still think about you.I miss more each day. Doesnt get easier.

  9. Uncle Herbert...not so young but so many unfulfilled dreams... *sigh*

  10. ...aunt gladys, uncle andrew, aunt celia, justin, danny, christine, mr mcclean, mukaaka, channing, channing's unborn baby forever thinking of you...

  11. And now my fav high skool teacher Mrs Tiromwe. R.I.P.

  12. R.I.P to all...and to you John Roy, I still wonder to this date if things would be different, if you hadn't exited.

  13. To those gone, see you on the other side...For those still here, many rivers to cross.

    jny, Thanks for popping my blogger cherry :)

  14. i heard about mrs tiromwe too, its really sad. so whats up, do you wanna write like for real, gimme a call or text me 0752998898 asap

  15. Oh Carsozy, this is very sad.

    Baba, 1995
    Uncle Happy 1999
    Regina, 2003
    Dennis Patrick Okori, 2008
    Brian Bukenya, 2009
    Michael Birungi, 2009
    Joyce, Aunt Juliet, Aunt Amelia, Lakop, may all your souls RIP!!!

  16. 2nd Lt. Jimmy Brian kamanya aka Busta.

    Muwanga Keziron William. Died from the bomb blasts. 11/07/2010.
    These 2 i went to school with them.
    R.I.P my friends. Was so sad attending your burials.