Tuesday, November 3, 2009


From spending after work evenings as family, on to frequent text messages, then phone calls which graduated into very long phone calls. Of late it's pick ups for lunch. Am very scared of where this is headed.

Why now and not five years back? What's really changed that am now being viewed in a different context and not a big-brother? Not going to loose it this time round.

What explanation shall i give to mamma and all her siblings who are more than brothers and sisters to me. This is not allowed. This is supposed to be family.

Call me a coward but am off into hiding. New phone number, email address and i guess change of house.

Girls girls girls girls.


  1. Trying really hard not to laugh...
    I have these interesting socks..

    Banange full story...

  2. Kati you man..You will not leave us hanging- just give us the full story... 'we' want to know these things....

    But anyways your not being a coward, it can be scary,very scary when you dont know which path your taking and what you will find ahead.

  3. irrelevancy here..But important....

    Can 'we' remove that smoking calculator from this blog- its effect is not good on my visits to this blog(blackmail)....


  4. @TRP; Quit laughing at me.

    @Normzo; thats all i can spill out. I know wats ahead, disaster. More like loosing my second family.

  5. Now you have just made the stomach ramble. I need the full story......

  6. gundi stop denying us our rights....full story need

    BTW cant BHH be after xmas...(on bended knees)

  7. @Ug-gal; BHH after xmas would be a good idea. Dec 31st but we'd have to hold it at someone's house to avoid the chaos in town.
    Shall discuss with the others and see.

  8. Here I was waiting for your confession only to find nothing. Now, I have all these crazy pictures in my head about what this could be about.

  9. jny boy...more of it plzzz!!..for a better suggestions from us all!!plzz

  10. Run for your life!

    How about a BHH before the Christmas season kicks in? Like in the first or second week of December?

    People may have plans for how and who they want to enter the new year with.

  11. @petesmama. Only advise ive received so far. Chill the rest asking for full story.

    About BHH, its Ug-gal who asked for this date as she will only be in Uganda after 23rd December.

  12. i'm joining the FULL STORY!!!!! crew...u cant call it a confession if u havent confessed. so 'fess up already...we want details =D!!!

  13. Like everyone else...i'd love to know the full story...till then Happy Weekend!

  14. I like the new and Sibo have similar issues