Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Do dreams really come true?
Last night i had this one dream that i pray shouldn't come to pass as i have witnessed it before.

some years back, like all young foolish campus boys, i had somethng going with 2 lovely ladies at the same time. I lost the games and to make up for their earlier fights and verbal exchanges they became very tight friends and i their sole enemy.
Three years down the road and and i hook up with one of them. We are now good friends. We regulary meet for a drink, lunch, she introduced me to some really tastey steak and we always talk about anything and everything including her husband and 6 month old son. Even reminds me of those times when my game was really weak; like never ever allowing her access to my phone, having phone conversations whereby my responses where entirely "yes" and "no" plus "hhmm". All this we simply laugh about and let go.

However, last night came the dream. The other chic appeared in my dream. She was so nice and good to me. She then picked my phone, called her friend and the fights started again.

Do you think this dream may come to pass? Should i let these 2 be and enjoy their friendship?


  1. No. I think it is water under the bridge. If they've moved on, you should all be able to be adult about the past.

    But then again, some people can hold a grudge like forever!

  2. and i did miss these socks

    kati now, i think you should let them be...

    so you ahd weak game-bambi, for i used to think, that your game has always been tight, very very tight..

    I'm disapointed


  3. Seems like all of you have grown, game inclusive...the past is the past

  4. my responses where entirely "yes" and "no" plus "hhmm".

    lol..i have witnessed those kinda conversations from my dont seize to amuse

    well i think everyone makes there bed and they lie in it. whats past is in the past...

  5. not to throw a spanner in the works but when you say...
    "some years back, like all young foolish campus boys, i had somethng going with 2 lovely ladies at the same time." do you mean you would no longer do that was a foolish phase of your life and now you are reformed...or do you would do it..only answering the phone..and giving sleeker answers? just asking....

  6. Kyoka Esquire. Whatever you mean by 'giving sleeker answers?'

    Anyway, some dreams come true Jny.

  7. Tehehehehehe they are coming to get you.... I think it's just a dream nothing serious

  8. Cosign Esquire. You need to clarify on that part.

  9. I think its all in the past...just a dream..
    and even if she was to appear, it would be a different story since you gys are all grown up.

  10. move on, leave them alone, women are many.

  11. hahaha the qn is is yor conscience clear?

  12. I totally agree with BeSilent on the 1st Part....Tehehehehehe they are coming to get you....