Friday, February 6, 2009

weekly uodate

This week has been a rather exciting one for me. Started the week on a low note as she from Lyon had to go back on Monday 02 Feb. And oh yeah i didn't do things the "Kiwewesi" style. Day before she left, i teasingly asked that we go and have a civil marriage (is it the one at the register of marriages?). Ofcourse i was kidding, who would want to be tied at this day and age. You should have seen her reaction. I didnt know people of outside countries also still treasure cows and all that hullabaloo that takes place on kuhingira and kwanjula. She told me all about how her wedding is meant to be. From the dress, to the maids, the colours, food, etc. I regreted why i started such a weak convesration.
Monday evening she boards and leaves. Its like it had been announced publically that she had gone coz i received 2 phone calls on my way from EBB and faced questions like as yu are so quiet and why do yu nowadays switch off yo phone in the night. Maybe it was just a coincidence that campus is now open and many people out there are party malnourished.

Tuesday started on a rather very sad note. Brenda passed on. Got wind of her sickness last Friday while doing the usual polite one with the boys. We was all shocked and planned on going to see her that evening but it wouldnt make sense going to hospital intoxicated. Come saturday, we go to hospital and we couldnt see her as she was in intensive care. Tuesday morning and the very sad news is broken. R.I.P Nsangi.

Back to the remainder of my week;
I must say in all my C.V's i claim to have very highly developed organisational skills which skills i have never put to good practice. So on wednesday i decided its about time people witness these skills. My former workmate and good friend has decided he wants to now "do things" officially and he is getting married. I have volunteered to head the food committee. I refused to take up the post of incharge drinks for reasons well known to all of you. My thirst for the bitter seems to be unquenchable. So come 24th this month and i will be the Director in charge of food at my boy's wedding. Anyone wanna come?

My housemate is currently in Rwanda and as if on exchange programme some friend of ours from Rwanda decided to come to Ug. Dude, these boys are so party starved. They party day in day out form 7am to 7pm. when am leaving to go work they are coming to sleep. Good thing is they have very "chute" friends as my French friends would say. And they the chute friends stay here. They say this world is very small. so we may meet someday.

Moving on to last evening i for once comfirmed that not 100% of what red pepper writes is false.It is very true some Campus chics dont wear panties. wallahiiii it is very true. Atte in skirts. Atleast if it were trousers. Whoever is doubting holla me right now and i'll take you and meet a couple of them. I hear it starts as a joke and it later gets so comfortable that those small pieces of cloth are reserved for CALTEX moments and visits to the gynae. Don't ask me how i found out all this; read the red pepper.

Friday morning m leaving the house for work and my Kigali boys are returning home. They had a real FAMUUU ( as abdu Mulasi would pronounce it). If i wasn't a "seen it all before guy", i'd now be home blasting away. I saw very many lovely intoxicated little ones all coming into my house with a swagger like theirs not ours. But the xtian that i am, the advocate of abolition of cross generational sex, and the very focused guy i am; i chose work and not getting laid. However, if i return this evening and they are still in my house, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (I'll get a stick and chase them away).

That in brief is how my week has been. looking up to friday night then saturde and sunday. As regards work, there is been very little to do. The guys at Heathrow have been cancelling flights to EBB like they are doing it for fun. No flights to EBB means there is no biz for me and therefore i remain redundant and as they say, an idle mind is the.......

Still to come;
Have a house warming party 2mrw and ive been asked to take along some very nice gals. Am stuck, Igiss can i borrow your gal friends. My sister wants to come along with her friends but that shall ruin my fun. Dont want her to see big bro being shaddy and i also can't stand seeing a ki-guy make a pass at my little princess.

Listening to every Bob Marley song i can get ma hands on.

enjoy yours weekend.


  1. There is something about panties that doesn't feel quite right. It's so liberating going bare.....

  2. @ Liz....err what????

    Panties are a must!! Those girls are taking Paris and Britney a tad bit too seriously!!!But haven't they ever bn taught how to sit when wearing a skirt?? Sheesh!

    So you exchanged the devil of your housemate for a worse devil?? Pole sana..hehe

  3. LoL @ Liz, yeah someone once told me its not healthy to wear panties, they inhibit ventilation!

  4. woh..Ok, now i hear not wearing panties is so liberating...@Liz-must be a capuser...right?

    Kati now, that part were u have a wedding and may i ask if Nile will be available??, and yes mention the venue. seriosuly!!

    i am hoping Chute's will be in plenty....

  5. @ Eizzy thats only at night..

    Oh my i should start redaing read pepper..

  6. (I'll get a stick and chase them away)

    HA, as if...

  7. @Liz; even when out of the house?

    @val; they actually practice good sitting styles so they are not busted. in my case it was a kanyebwa read "a bait".
    Ma housemate is a cool guy.

    @Eizzy.k; During my University days i used to give some lady the same advice bt she cldnt buy it. Ofcourse i also didnt have nay proof. I had other motives.

    @Erique; s'up bruv.

    @Normzo; i'll surelly holla with all the details. Atleast i now even know where yu hang, Engen. been there a couple of times.

    @Ug-gal. Most of their stories are made up.

    @S.B; i can be tough at times even to he fairer sex.

    @Mudamuli; yu think so?
    how have yu been?

  8. ha...this explains why my brothers' phones stop working the minute I ask to go to parties with them....

  9. Faamu: Kale i rolled over, but you are so not serious they offer you drinks committe and you turn it still fuming. wish i had your redundancy some chick sends me a text in the middle of the day mbu she is wet and horny............damn this work.


  11. @YZ; didnt mean to give away yo bros. Pass on my apologies.

    @Carsozy; my man with ma unquenchable thirst, it wasnt wise to take up the post of incharge drinks.

    Thanx for being on ma side Lulu. Hw r yu doing?

    @ The silent one; ill be back pretty soon.