Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I believe dumping in this case rubbish is one of the worst habits one can possess. As any human being i aint perfect but i try not to dump just like many Ugandans do. I chew alot but make sure i always throw the gum whose sugar is finished in a rubish dump after properly wrapping it. When i was still a smoker i always made sure i had an ashtray at hand and properly dispossed off the butt in this case that of the cigarette or threw it away in a rubbish can.
However, last weekend on my way to work i diverted from my normal practices. After loading my fon, i threw the scratch card on a heap of rubbish an old lady had compiled around The New Vision offices. This wasn't so bad as the old lady was going to properly dispose off the rubbish. Imagine my shock when a few steps forward i realise the airtime hadn't loaded. Two things run through my head; go back and search for the scratch card or simply move on and regard it as one of the day's losses. The first option looked the best for me so i turned to go back. To my horror i see two very beautiful ladies standing just next to the pile of rubbish. There was no way i was going to go through this rubbish in search of my card while they watched. I proceed to office but 10 minutes after am out again to salvage my A.T. This time i find only a group of cab drivers and i thought with them there was nothing to loose. I get closer to the heap and all i could see were about 30 scratch cards which meant finding mine out of all this was an impossibility. And that is how my weekend of losses started.

How about people who eat on public commuters. You board a taxi and yo neighbour retrieves 2 boiled eggs from his trouser pocket for the guys or handbag for the ladies. Gross; right? However, doesn't beat my friend's tale of his most horrible journey on a public commuter. No sooner had their vehicle started moving when his neighbour started fidgiting with his bag and removed a small package carefully wrapped in a newspaper. With a beaming smile dude unwraps a ka-fried fish. He happly starts munching away while tactfully screening and sorting the bu-bones from the flesh with his tongue and spitting em out through the window. There is that tribe of people so obssessed with fish, i wont mention.

Am also one of those Ugandans who are in full support of the government's ban on importation of used fridges, computers, and other electricals. Dude, this was another form of dumping as most of those items were so old and rotten. Anyone in doubt should come i take him to a place with BLACK and WHITE computer monitors.

What do yu guys think?


  1. LOL! I have ha'had that airtime drama. :D I agree, people who dump their trash just anywhere piss the hell out of me!

  2. that fishy guy has me laughing like crazy..mbu carefully sorting the bones out,and spitting out the window...yuck!!

  3. playa you lie! that fish story is not true! It is however awfully funny.

    I would break up with a guy over littering. I think i am goin to start an NGO dedicated to littering or some such. No one steal my idea you hear me?

  4. ewww!! to the fish guy!!!!!

    Seriously about the A.T. - How much was it??
    (try hard not to laugh)

  5. Mwana boyii, sorry abt the a.t. I say NEVER throw away ur a.t card till ur dime has loaded otherwise...

    Bro, I think they call that fish mpuuta..

  6. Bambi, you should have given the old lady who was collecting the rubbish a bitaano to go through it for you.

  7. dude, black and white monitor??? now i want to see that one.

    i sat next to a guy in a taxi and he unleashed a whole sugarcane stem and went about his business, i was totally floored.

  8. The airtime.... really a loos! unless tws fro 500sh!
    wait! bad food in a taxi is not as traumatising as gd food!
    Imagine ur in that afternoon jam, rushin to get to a place 4 lunch, and these chiks decide to open their steers packs! the chips and rib rack! now t=THAT is more than torture!

  9. Gwe u seriously quit.....woh, thats inspiring....

    can i be like U!!!hahahahaaa

    iv heard of that story of fish...a certain tribe of fish lovers.

  10. I know what you mean. I hate it too. You shouldn't have feared the cute girls though. What if it was a.t worth 10K?

  11. as a by the way, I thought this post was about you dumping some chic or some chic dumping you or some such

  12. Gwe seriously I was hungry and I could'nt wait to get home with the fish. And where did you expect me to put the bones?

  13. am with antipop..i came here with tissues thinking i was going to need them after you were dumped...

    Nga the fish story now that is gross...are you sure i dont know the person

  14. LoL...mattatoo stories!!
    (P.S. ur email addy is ryt? ...check ur inbox...)

    @ Princess - ha'had? LoL...huh???

  15. @ eizzy-k: it's pretty old slang to mean you are very amused. You 'ha-ha!' Can't really explain further than that. I'm hardly in the Ugandan swing of things anymore. :)

  16. Me three also thought it was some poor chic you'd shown the door kumbe it was at least you can replace that
    That fish story is so true, well the sorting out bit -I've watched live

    Dang it! pretty girls

  17. rubbish is bad i feel terrible throwing a chewing gum for real

  18. am tryna not to laugh coz i eat maize apples and etcs in taxis... okay not fish or boiled eggs
    and i have gone through a heap for airtime that dint load, i am not afraid of loss

  19. i'm so disappointed: opened this eargerly thinking i was gonna dry yo tears! dude!
    anyway, abt eating on taxis, i totally think it is wat one is eating. you had to go and use boiled eggs; wd a hot loaf cake be that repulsive, huh?
    gwe Jny, warup?


  20. Hehe.. Man, that a.t. saga was killer. but I too hate dumping.