Monday, August 3, 2009

Presenting Miss Eve.

Just to show yu the lovely painting i received from miss Eizzy and to also officially let yu know am her self appointed marketing manager. Anyone out there that would like a piece done for them let me know and a deal shall be cut out.
Believe me this young lady possesses some very lovely artistic skills.

Presenting miss Eve as she chills peacefully in my lounge area.

Why Eve? That is what her creator decided to call her and i thought it wouldn't be nice to change. Eve is a cool name as well; aint it?

And then Carsozy fooling with my Eve. From the kick he received, he couldn't step out this weekend.

Normzo, Carsozy, Santosh , Rhino, Sleek, a version highlighting the posterior can be done for yu.

Nev; how about ordering for one of Abba's only son.

Silverbow, Antipop, Heaven, Lulu, Ug Girl, i know what piesces shall put smiles on yo faces every time yu walk into yo houses. so get in touch.

By the way, am only doing this for fun. Miss Eizzy didnt ask me to do marketing for her but i only think she's gat some talent and should do some more peices especially for her blogger friends who appreciate nice art.

And this is how her creator describes miss Eve.

"A beautiful woman"...Nudity because its raw beauty, floral like finish and fruity colours to link it with nature, which is true beauty, i also kept the outline unfinished and let it merge with the back ground and only defined the main curves in order to only capture the essence of femininity but not confine it to a single particular body shape, frizzy green afro to keep it afro centric, lol, plus it just looked cool! yeah?


  1. i like. what other kinds of paintings does she do?

  2. Sam, she can do any thing yu request for.
    Even a potrait of your self despitethe fact fact that yu've never met. All i do is describe yu and she'll do her thing.

  3. and imagine i am trying to organise an art exhibition for my company. Pity it is too late to use her. but this thing is going to be annual so maybe next year i could use gher. Say playa, how much do these paintings go for? i know you got yours free and all, but please ask...

  4. Am not the art loving guy but those knockers are it. and I know it's late and everything but HAPPY B'DAY, I had a quiet weekend, Okay! a hungover quiet weekend

  5. This so much reminds me about my EVe, shame I've failed to write about her because when I start I picture her naked and the draft never gets published...

    Btwn Can I pose nude?

  6. Thank you for the kalango. I like and I will definitely be getting in touch.

  7. Now dude-wats yo percentage off the sales made.

    Hmm- Miss Eve?

    i dont mind her front- but still i would want the hind?


  8. Imagine me I want her to design a room for me, give me ideas on how to paint and decorate. But GUESS WHAT sucker my name is not in that post so I am taking my business elsewhere.

  9. Good God! is that boy fondling the painting?

  10. hush.... I wish we would do some hypothetical auction.

  11. nice painting. happy bd, from what i have read...

  12. no i really need a new painting for my lounge....can i get one free too....?

    lol @SB

  13. Artistically beautiful...naye what would my cell leader/pastor think of it? I am yet to find out.

    How about I work up a poem about Miss Eve?

  14. Can i have her for a night? one night man...and i love the way she described it. Eve and i had worked out something where i get to pose for her next piece..
    And the piece from behind?i'm waiting

  15. LOL @ Carsozy!!!

    oh and wussup manager? i guess you can handle the marketing and getting orders and i'll do the paintings! ...sure makes it easier 4 me!


  16. P.S Check out new developmenst at my side

  17. aww thanksi will get in touch

  18. i like the new theme...cleaner