Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So far so good.

This year has really started with a bang. I thought this would be the year when i would discover my other self. I mean the introvert in me. Spend most of my times at work and home. This is the year i chose to launch my plans of having 2 kids by the age 30. First step towards this goal is to accumulate big monies, then the rest shall follow.

2008 ended well for me and this one has also started with too much fun.This wasn't the way i had planned things to go. End of last year i met a very interesting pretty girl.This girl is so off the hook. First problem is the French mama was also meant to be in the country on Jan 3rd 2009. She came in a day earlier. So here i am with two ladies i want to spend most of my free time with. All was well untill i refered to lady from France as a "fcuked up French blonde". We didnt talk for about 3 to 4 days.

Last week, was a Monday to Thursday work week for me. Coupled with the fact that i always got to work late and always left early, you'd say i worked only three days that week. Add the hours i spent chatting and day dreaming and you will realise i didn't work the whole week.
Thursday evening was meant to be our make-up night so off to the Kla Casino for supper. Ofcourse i didnt choose the venue as this year i had (mark the tense) promised to live the life of an auditor (those guys even ask their househelps for invoices). Anyway dinner is fine untll i notice 2 bu-gals looking our way and gigging. after taking a closer look i realised i knew both of them from way back in my hay days.
Madam came with 2 bu-short french men who are too crazy for their 5'6 sizes. Never in Uganda had i ever seen whites with a good taste in women. These chaps told me they wanted Ugandan girls and i thought that would be an easy task for me. I was not ready to hook them with any of my girls as i thought that wasnt their taste(beautiful) and my friends are not for playing around with. I was shocked when after doing the streets, visiting the beach and most pubs that these chaps go like............"i think Uganda doesn't have the most beautiful girls in Africa." Imagine such an insult. These bu-men want girls in Zuena's league. Not that she is the prettiest but i know most of the guys shall concur with me that she is nice. They even want bootay. Actually there taste is so similar to Igis'. For insulting me and my country, am not getting them women. Let em "starve".
My weekend went away just like that without me seeing my beautiful Ugandan friend whom i've grown so fond of. Imagine it has to be this way untill Feb 02nd when they go away.
Monday morning i was too tired to go out of bed. Woke up at 10am and realised its too late to go work. At 1pm i was in Jinja on a bungee jumping mission. Nigga that sh*t is scary. I'll go back this saturday and this time i will not disappoint.
Today i came to office, very tired, and BROKE like a problem. Yes these guys have the Euros but they are guys. It aint cool enjoying another man's hard earned dimes. We always shared the bills. (So all you guys out there who accompany their oba sisters, cousins, galfriends to feast on account of a fellow man get some shame).

Friday i shamelessly attended my cousin's wedding in jeans, an untucked in shirt with folded sleeves and timbaland boots. This is because i have been away from my emails and that's where the wedding invitations were sent. You know these guys who live in outside countries. At around 10pm that night while on ma 5th tequila shot, i received a phone call from my old man wondering why i wasn't for the wedding. Had to rush there and found everyone so well dressed and having a ball. But being family and the fact that i wasn't fluking, all was well. I joined in the fun and partied the night away. Later, we stormed EQUATOR(Former Rhino pub). Trust these chaps called "ba-summer", they knew this bar had been re-opened before me. Nice place with pretty ladies. No full of whites like it was in the past.

Today its Ug vs kenya. Am'a be there cheering our lads on.

Solo King thanx for the tips on effective spending. I just saw it today. Guess i'll start on your tips next month because this month there is nothing left to save. All is gone.

Guess what, my bosses have summoned me to Nairobi this weekend. Dont know if they read my post on jobo being so boring and me sleeping in office every day at 3pm.

Otherwise, hope all you guys are having a great start to the new year.


  1. Kampala casino, Tequila's, and bungee jumping... sure u ain't white too? that shit is out of ma league, live it up ma homie.

  2. hahaha. Dude, you are livin la vida loca. ** Clearing my thoat ** About those two other girls...sharing is caring. You going to Nairobi? Man, I have hundreds of contacts there. Holla

  3. @Carsozy, am African as they come. A Kabaka's man to be precise tho i love my party.

    @Igis. My man, get me those digits. All the ladies i know in Nairobi are now married. Thats's how desperate they got when they left Kla city.

  4. Those Kla Casino idiots drained me of all my life's savings.

  5. Erique, gambling's a bad bad habit that you should never own up to. As for you playa...

  6. naye gwe,how come u keep on dodging the issue we all want to hear abt the French madam? yo year does seem good so far,uuhhhmmmm.

    hahahahaha Yereki.togwa

  7. Not bad, I envy you -kinda for having access to all that fun. But those white guys must have been the lousy type. Where did you take em and what happened to beer goggles?

    The Ugandan girls are beautiful but you'll not come across many of em good looking ones. Out here they are rather very many so chances of getting a chic with a pretty face and curves is high.

    Erique, I feel your pain next time I go there, It'll be "Set it off" style -Guns blazing

  8. Gwe...dont tell me you went aaallll the way to Jinja and didn't bungee c'mon dude that's truly embarrassing!!And if I lived your life, my year would have ended by now...don't you ever take a breather!?!