Monday, December 29, 2008


I cant believe 2k8 is finally over. i must say its been the shortest year of my life filled with all sorts of happenings.
For starters, i made so many new friends. Had too many parties in my house that i have decided come 2k9 i'll charge everyone who wants to hold a party there. Been to almost all the bars in town and most of the highly billed social events in town. Enough of all that sh*t. The weekly rock night and friday binges, a'ma drop them to once or twice a month in the new year.
Ive also been a regular to church but mostly on weddings and funerals.(definately has to change next year). A number of people i know have passed on this year. The first being in around March. Santos a very talented cricketer passed on. Come May and another great sportsman Ox (Oketcho Wilbrod) passed on. June 28, the most hurting; Philip tendo drowned while on study holiday in Uganda. Exactly a month after PIP, Jesse Kagoda fell from garden city and died. Come september, ma uncle Tom died from pneumonia just 3 days after the son's wedding. Yu can now imagine how many funeral services i attended.
It is in the same year that i quit my job. This wasn't the normal resignation where you write a resignation letter, given a good luck pat on the back by fellow staff and a package from management for a job well done. I ended my job in a fist fight with my boss of barely 2 months.
Stayed home for a good one month and later got another very interesting job on paper and in the pocket but very very boring in practice. still hanging in their though.
In this same year i got to meet the very elite, kind and very humourous Ugandans known as the bloggers. These guys and ladies are for "world...". Their parties are a must attend and the monthly BHHs yu only miss if you must. I have learnt alot from their various posts and also been entertained a great deal. Bloggers ye rock.
This year i havent been so close with my family memebers except my camppus sister whom i always keep so close. She's enjoyed more of ma soft earned dimes to which i have no regrets as i'd rather run broke than have a ki-sugar daddy provide for her. Which reminds me its this same gal that almost gave me a heart attack when she boldly introduced some ka-guy as her boyfriend. Still trying to find out which bars this dude goes to.
As regards relationships, i have managed to stay out of one although i was active. Met the most beautiful to the non performers and the craziest gals in Uganda. This was the year of "pick ups". Not even in my campus days did things come that easy. The ultimate was ma mulokole wench whom i told straight up ours was going nowhere. As the year drifted by, my luck seemed to be drifting away as well. However, the end has been a happy one.

And the greatest sport/ activity/ pass time this year was Spin the Bottle. the saying goes, "one good turn............."

I think am ready to take on 2k9 and am dropping most of my crazy habits as her flight is one day away.

Otherwise, may yu all have a blessed new year and lets keep the fire burning.


  1. ...deserves another". i'm watching this space for my return of the turn i deserve.
    shd i go ahead and be your friend?uuuhhhhmmmm...wen i'm ready to depart from this world, i'l holla-the effect u have on acquaintances jny...????????!!!!!!!!happy new, have u ridden 'u kno where'with french returneee???tell tell

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  3. silverbow and Jonny, get a room!

  4. hi you when is the next post

  5. YOU A.P(sticking out the second finger at u. warning look) !!!

    hi lulu. i still need for you to contact me please....i need yo help on something naye mama you have refused.kale...