Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What do yu think?

Its been a while since i last posted here.My life's just been the same old. An outing here, a house party there, a brokenheart along the way, etc etc.

Just yesterday i had a job interview. This is a really good job with a good salary (yet to confirm how much) and alot of benefits. Two issues here.First I haven't gotten the job yet although i left a great impression on the panel.The MD didnt hesitate to tell me before i left the interview room. Second issue is that i have been on my current job for only 4 months now. My current job was interesting in the first month only. Apparently my immediate boss is based in Nairobi and the other in RSA. The pay is very good; actually in Obama's currency. No one to follow me around. All the good things you would wish for in a job.However, this job ceased to be interesting after the first month. It is now very boring. Imagine a job where everyday at 3pm yu are at yo desk dosing away due to lack of what to do. I am only busy on only Wednesday and fridays of some weeks. This job is totally boring. No challenges. Everything is just flat. Call the airline company to confirm cargo arrival. Send someone to pick the documents and thats a day gone. Following day get in touch with another firm that handles the clearance with customs and find out how far they've gone with the customs clearance. Third day find out if cargo is delivered to client's premises. Thats a week gone. Can you imagine. this job is not helping me in my career growth.
It is for this reason that i decided to find something else to do. Get to work, outline my tasks for the day and make sure i dont leave office till all tasks are accomplished. That way i'll get some personal satisfaction and at the end of the month enjoy my monies for a job well done.
Asked a few friends for advise and some said i should hang in here as things may brighten up in the near future while others can't believe ive stayed on this job this long.
My people what should i do? Even if i don't get this new job i was interviewed for, i still have so many other opportunities out there.

On a different note, there are so many company xmas parties going on and mine being a one man company in Uganda, there wont be a party for me. However, i plan on having the biggest corporate party. It started yesterday by going to the cinema to watch Eagle eye. Its a good movie. Today true Body lies, Wednesday a drink for me self. The party is to stretch all the way to the start of next year.

January 3rd is also fast approaching. A very beautiful lady is returning to Uganda from France that day. Between Jan 3rd and 1st February.............simanyi. We are both very excited. One problem tho; she wants us to try out some new stuff which am not ready to try out. i am not going to do it in the OTHER opening.

Back to the new job. Once i get it, it may entail me to leave my lovely town of Ntinda as the offices are far away from Ntinda. Maybe if that rumour about getting an office ride is true.

Otherwise may yu all have a blessed festive season.


  1. dude she wants you to do it in the other opening?? is she the one with the kids in france??

    if your job is boring, dude just go and find something more satisfying, but be before you bounce, i want in on that corporate party.

  2. you cow! and here i had you pegged for a guy of the world yet there you are afraid to venture from anything else but the missionary! silly Playa.

    Gwe, they pay you $50? and you are that excited? imagine if they paid you $80 like me!!!!!!!! life's simple pleasure indeed!

  3. @Emrys, she gat no kids. I only say that to pave off bu-stalkers like......

    @Antipop 80 dollar. Bambiiiii
    and that "thing" is for doing KAKA, period.

  4. Dude. The other hole?

    ... okay... okay...

    I'd take your job in a heartbeat. For at least a week. Sometimes toooo many challenges can be detrimental.

    Play solitaire. I hear it helps.

    I hear.

  5. good luck on the new job.

    looks like for u '09 starts on a pretty good note with some serious french flavored V.

  6. @S.K, the way i know yu and how passionate yu are abt work, yu would have this job for even 2days.
    Solitaire is weak so i play stick cricket. Have to personalised teams and have won so many super 8 world cups.

    @Carsozy, yo sala-z and i have 2 turfs on which to play.
    Otherwise its nice to have yu back.

  7. Dude! Nga your chic is adventurous!

  8. ure scared of the other H....!!!!!!! why did i always thnk u were cool?

  9. Chanel here, If you approve this I will kill you. Hey you I have an end of year do this sat as you know come join in the fun . Call this person on 754481505. They will give directions.

  10. Dude, Your Job rocks!! If you are only busy on 2 days of the week and yet get paid a full month's salary, I'd quit my current job for yo's where am paid per hour and as such have to do tangible work to get the $$

    Much as I long for challenging stuff, inside, I long for your current Job that would give me lots of time to do other stuff.

    Why do you think guys die for govt jobs?? Only such that they can come in, leave the coat on the seat and take the rest of the day off.

    Still hope you nail that new Job and enjoy what France is sending.

  11. So will you buy us drinks with the first salary?

  12. @Tamzel. munange when some people go to outside countries they dont pick accents alone, but alot mo.

    @Silver shadow. Yu really did think i was cool? Off to rewind the hand of time to the year 2004 when we 1st met.

    @Emi. Thats what every1 thinks but it gets pretty boring and stressful(funny huh?)
    Thanks for the good lluck shot and oh yeah cant wait to feast on the french goodies.

    @Be silent. i'll surely buy yu guys a drink. may even do an advance thing on the 20th at ch.5's do.

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  14. we met in 2004? uuhhhmmm....i'm impressed. only if u p aid as much attention now as u did then; u would know i'm SilverBow and not silver

  15. what does she want you to try?