Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This morning while listening to one of the morning radio shows, a guy writes in
complaining about people's short minded nature because of the negative reactions he's received on a life decision he has made. Apparently he is married and the wife makes a lot more money than he does. So the wife has suggested he leaves his job and take up role of baby sitter or house husband. The guy's friends are so against it and his mother has labeled him a disgrace to the family for abandoning his role of main bread winner in the family.
People, isn't this total madness. How can one be comfortable living off his wife? This is a total patriarchal society and the men are supposed to provide for their wives and children. In this case it’s going to be the reverse i.e. the wife fending for the husband.
Imagine a situation where the guy wants to have a drink with the boys. Would he ask his wife to give him some money? How about asking wifey to buy him a deodorant, boxers, airtime, or money to go to the barber shop.

Jeez, this guy needs Jesus.


  1. he needs to have his balls cut off since he is not using them..
    and wats the wife even thinking to allow her husband to stay at home,she also has issues

  2. Fine she earns more than him but i dont think it is not fair for her to ask him to stay home and be a house husband.. If its his choice thats a different story altogether. But today hun nooo....she can choose to be the main bread winner but to deny the brother his living is just wrong..

    Kale unless otherwise i see alot of hard days for the dude..he should grow a pair.:-)

  3. To each man their own. If the couple is happy to have it play out that way ...fine. If they don't then they can stick to the more traditional script you, JNY@23, favour

  4. except this mentality seems to suggest that in some way the women who have played this role and accepted the consequential set up like having to ask your spouse for money are weak. If it didn't make women weak, it certainly doesn't make a man weak

  5. except that for the past 50 years, feminists have said that women who played that role WERE weak. That's what the whole women's liberation movement was all about. So if feminists claim it made/makes women weak, it certainly makes a man weak.