Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being thankful.

So today marked 29years since my sweet momma brought me into this good world. Too bad she ain't here to see what a fine man i've grown into. Big up to the old man, u rock.
Thankful to the All Loving God for all He's done for me.

Grateful to family, friends and in-laws to be. I got to thank the in-laws in advance. I know one day i'll have some and i'll love them like my own blood relatives.

I have a lot of prospects for this year. Something BIG got to go down. By the time i hit the big-30, i should have something to be very proud of. Experienced almost all of life's desires so it's about time i move on.

Thanks to all those who've been there for me. My blogger and twitt family, "gracias mushos'.

You rock.


  1. ooh happy, happy birthday may dear! may all your plans, hopes and wishes be in line with God's will...and all come alive!

  2. Thanks my dear.
    I know my Lord wont forsake me and my plans will come to pass.
    Thanks once again.

  3. It's never too late right Happy belated 29th.......... And we are looking forward to what's going down

  4. Awww!! Looks like I missed the Cake!!
    Happy Belated!

  5. This is waaaay late but please accept the belated birthday wishes. I pray the new year brings all the things you desire.

    But why do you scare us with warnings before we enter your blog? if I didn't know you I would have stayed away. Today I decided to have a big head.