Friday, July 1, 2011

The Virus

Being inconsist and unrailable is not my middle name but with blogger i just got infested. I would refer to its as a disease but that would be pushing it abit too far. so i will just jot down my thoughts as below,
1. I met someone, a blogger infact but i am not at liberty to name and shame.
2. .............
3. My mind goes blank. hence reason i blog no more.

Am off to twit..find me there if anyone wants to holla.


  1. dude, not to worry i havent lost my game yet. Find me on twitter.

  2. i dont twitter..too much social thingees going on

  3. you and i can be friends...twitter not cool..:-)

  4. dont know why i should blog..facebook n twit..
    besides "twitter" sounds so gay
    @Ugandan girl
    how do i get u to become my FB friend,its about time dont u think?

  5. Kale you guys don't know what u talking about. Twitter is the real deal.
    Facebook who?

  6. As I stated earlier ..twitter z gay

  7. Twitter is real time. facebook a mere waste of time. lugambo only and guys talking about their hangovers; gosh.

  8. hehe..guys just enjoy all of them!eish

  9. @jny23 civilised people keep intouch with friends on facebook..twi.what PG

  10. Trending topics, harsh tags, particular day themes, breaking news; can only be found on twitter.
    facebook, u'll be invited t groups u have no idea existed, tagged iin funny annoying oictures, no way.

    "Facebook is one forum where you tell lies to people u know while twitter is where you tell the trueth to strangers."