Monday, October 27, 2008

What a weekend

Last weekend was such a good one till saturday evening.
As usual i went out for ma saturday work out at MUBS
play ground. On arrival i immediately changed into my soccer gear and hit the field.
Two hours later and we are back to the cars to discuss who has improved in skill and who had sex the previous night basing on their performance on pitch.
10 minutes into the discussion and one of us realises that the car doors were open.
Damn, all our things were gone. My rucksack containing my clothes, my two phones, my wallet, 2 health cards, my ATMs, identity cards, watch, 2 hankies are all gone. My wallet was containing a good some of money that i was meant to give to ma little campus sister. This i always do to avoid her getting involved in cross generation sex for dimes. some dimes were to pay for my sarturday pint.
Anyway, that was what befell us. This guy took about 500 thou in cash, 8 mobile phones, plenty of documents he wont use and ATMs whose pin cards he doesnt have.
Everyone who lost stuff went into a panic. Wishing they had left stuff back home, but as they say yu cant fight fate.

However, the most amazing thing is that after realisng we had been robbed, we did the next "automatic" thing which was to try calling the phones. All the other phones were switched off except one of mine. Dude picks up bulungi and goes on to say that the fon was his. After alot of questions and laughing at me, he goes on to say, i quote, "........muli awo muli mukajuzza naye nange ndi mukola" directly translated as "........yo there working out as i also work(stealing)."
One of us tries to negotiate with the thief to return our dox and we give him money. Dude laughs and asks for 300 thousand. We bargain to 100 thousand. Remeber he had taken around 500 thousand in cash and property worth 2 million shillings.There was no way he would return said stuff.
Next thing was to hit Jinja road police station to get police letters lest our dox are found at crime scenes and we are held responsible. Got to the police, narrated our ordeal and one "sheeeeeeee" cop goes like "that is negligence". I was almost put in for assaulting an officer at his duty station. After spending more than 2 hours we were told to return the following day as they could not write down all the statements. Yes, they write on paper as there are no computers or type writers in our police stations.
When we returned the following day,officer in charge took us to a private office to have our police letters made. Dude asked us for 100 thousand shillings to have our letters made. What the fcuk is wrong with our country. We had lost alot of property and money and this fool is asking for money and not 20 thousand but 100 thousand.
We promised that we would return but never did.
Am going back to the station this evening and if he gives me the same bullsh*t, ill scream so loud.......bribe bribe bribe.

Anyway that was ma weekend. No phone, no ATM, no money. Can't believe i lost all ma pretty chics' numbers. Some numbers i'd just gotten at a house party on friday night. My empire of chics has gone down crumbling just like that. I'll be back...........

Hope yu guys had a good weekend.


  1. SOCKS.

    All you are worried about are chicks at this point?!!!!

  2. Thank you for passing by at mine. Interesting.

  3. Shit happens..

    I hate the popies for that. No Shs, No Service.

    Sorry bout the property but guess you'll move on.

    Are there no cameras or security in MUBS?

  4. haha! that that is one good ka quotable. i hear, muli, awo mulikajuza...hillarious. sorry about yo stuff. my phone number is 256772...