Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The strange turn of my life

Of late i just can't explain the twist my life has taken.
I am not the old very charming and outgoing person i used to be.
No more pretty girls around me. Of late its the not so good looking,
very hard working and ready for marriage chics that seem to be attracted
to me. All these are so well off financially and holding very influential
positions of responsibility. All these ladies i met as my clients and due
to my excellent customer care skills we became friends. I wonder if they
were never educated on the fact that biz and pleasure dont mix.
To be precise three of these ladies have confessed their feelings and the
idea of us being an item and an envy to many.

Am wondering where did all my bu-lovely, ready to have fun, friends with
benefits go. Am working now, dress so fine, very very mature, focused, very set carrer wise with a place of my own. I have never lost ma rich sense of humour but things are falling apart. Back in the days i didnt have all these things but " I was the man".
About ma social life, i don't have a thing for classy places anymo. I go out
almost everyday of the week but it is to my kafunda in ntinda and then home.
I always keep company of the boys and its only on a few weekends that i may
be in company of a very tight marking old time fling.
There is a way these mamas have failed to let me go even when i dont call them, don't flatter them as i used to my bu-flings, and never remember their birthdays. One is 38years with a 8 year old son and believes we can still have something. She has pleaded with me to keep one of her rides but ive refused giving all kinds of excuses. She promised to fuel and service it on a regular. That one ive refused to fall for. I can still stand the conductors' smelly armpits untill i buy my own ride. These ladies shower me with niceties and i feel so bad coz i heard some ladies discuss that men are nowadays detoothers as well.
Am getting so fed up with this life. When i meet the bu-flashy chics i simply look(not stare), appreciate and move on without saying a word. These are the nice things am looking for in life but my once over flowing confidence is gone. Those who knew me a few years back can testify.
Am very worried coz i seem to be loosing grip on life. I just cant say anything nice to anyone, rarely appreciate good things, and don't spend on people no more. This is because i dont have anyone to do goods things to and for. Only nice thing left in me is the "please" and "thank you" words and an expensive gift to ma kid sis once in a while. Otherwise am so indifferent.

Just wanna get back to ma old self. The old party loving geezer with so many niceties around me. Yes, it was expensive but less taxing and worrying than being sorrounded with old "minyamas" all waiting for the day ill propose to them. You may wonder why i dont assure these ladies but i have. Told them of my fiancee and 2 kids living in France and coming to Uganda on holiday on January 3rd 2009, but none seems to remember or show signs of withdrawal.( Okay it is a lie, i have no kids but truth is "SHE" is coming for holiday on that date)

Its only last evening that i seemed to regain my old touch. Went to the cinema to catch "Quantum of Solace" and met some of my old nice things. Managed to interact with a few of them and get their digits. Hope that is the return of my favourite personality otherwise i am loosing it.

At times i wonder if i had too much fun too early in life or that this is the reward i get for the very many hearts i unintentionally broke years back.

Anyone been here before? Advise please


  1. These are the signs, the sudden onset; my brother, you are approaching salvation!!!!

    Secondly, thanks for the socks.

    You sound like a certain t.v personality...

  2. dude, you're growing old.

    your body is telling you it's tired of all the late nights n trying to remember the names of all the girls.

    your heart wants one steady damsel to go home to, a comfy home with TLC, hot food and happy kids.

    You're still the man, but now, you are a man

    the views expressed above are not sanctioned or endorsed by the person who expressed them.

    Whatagwan Johnny?

  3. SK....Me Inc....I need some consistency.

    Yes Johnny Bravo, the man is right. You need a woman! One woman! With a ring on the finger.

  4. This, my friend is not normal. Not normal at all. Boys will always be boys. Kati what will happen when you are 40?

  5. playa! can this be true? are you waiting for me then?

  6. @Nevender. Yo sure this is how it be'z? Am excited.

    @King Solo. am doing good save for the luck of niceties (read bunnies)in life.

    @Ntikita x2. I am so scared as well. I can't imagine parking my GL Mercedes at a students hostel at 40years looking for bu friends with benefits. I wanna do it now.

    @The antipop........yo such a bright damsel. How did u know am waiting for yu? Off we go to the whitehouse.

    To all my peeps that suggest i get me self a wife, ive chosen on Antipop. Wedding meetings start monday next week.

  7. Nevender, which T.V personality is that, Dave Chapelle?

  8. First..I must congratulate Antipop. So will she be the nicety of the house with benefits? Or wat?

    The t.v personality is Ugandan. Dave Chappelle??? Bro, you like the fella?

  9. lol...well....yah i guess your body is telling you its time to settle down...but wait what about this Franch she there for real...?

  10. @Ugandan girl, yea she exists. she is actually Ugandan living in France and doesnt want to come back and settle here.
    Will let her know on 3rd Jan. what the people in the bloggsville want for me. Oba i just hide her passport

  11. Sorry dude, not been here before but just starting this phase yo about to leave. It's catching up...The thing that most men dread and yet at the same time long for....Oldness/self realisation
    You are in what I'll call singles eviction The fiance will make you even realize it more when she comes...

    Have a great weekend

  12. hide the passport... now there's an idea!

  13. Yes this could be payback for hearts you broke, in my experience for every heart you break there is a punishment- but dont sweat it, some hearts are meant to be the advice: 26 sounds like you got time but dude take from me when the years have gone by sometimes you wish you had taken your cahnces.

  14. am a beautiful girl,me me me me me!and i wanna have fun! but i am very sensitive!
    okay beside the application, nice posts!

  15. hey,you know what am a chick whose beenhurt by guys like you, so id punch you in the face... but since i aint violent, i will say that at times honey gets too sweet to be enjoyed, that means you are growing up, and iyts a good thing, soon you will be focused ma proper and will want to look at a girl beyond skin... if you canhave an intelligent conversation and shes funny , intelligent mature, then you canbe friends... and see what happens... have you ever thought that maybe all these ladies come into your life,not so you can have a fling but because you need to be a friend to them and set those boundaries, now about the older womenon your case... they are SERIOUS andif you dont care... RUNNNNNNN! thats all i can say but... try to look at women beyond skin,you will find alot of beauty underneath and really appreciate awoman , give her her value and worth by cherishing more than her looks

  16. @Emi. Thanx for the advise. bye bye single's clubs and here i come
    ........(hard to say) "committed" club.

    @Tandra. If i am busted, ill say it was yu who told me to hide

    2Carsozy. These chaps 4got to adjust my years. Added one this year. But again i think age doesnt matter. Ive seen it all and i think its abt time i tasted a bit of the committed life which i hope starts Jan 3rd when she returns.

    @ Lulu. I clearly know how lovely yu are. me and u attended same college for high skool. Abt the sensitivity ill bring out my magic gloves.
    Thanx 4 the compliment

  17. @Lulu(2)
    Advise taken. Ill fill yu in on my new course on life at the end of january 2009.
    thanx for tha compliment on the postings.

  18. First time here.
    Won't be the last. :)

  19. well since we know each other... who are you?:) id love to yknow... in my class?

  20. @Lulu. One class below. See yu at the next BHH.

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  22. and why does this babe from France not want to come back, is there more to her than you know...dude...the tide could be changing....maybe the hunter has become the hunted.....step back (hopefully not into a trap) and're going down man!!!

  23. phew!no advice for a brother...just rejuvenate!

  24. well well well, sounds to me like you're getting a life! i hope i get to know jow stuff will turn out a year from now. Or tewnty years from now.

  25. I feel yo pain player...wish i had any advice.
    but u know wat? don't go down yet,no, don't allow yet. we need u man n therz still alooot o a%& to tap.
    think about it man.

  26. i shall sumarrise to you in one phase what everyone up there is either telling you in many sentences or fearinf to tell you; "what you are going thorugh is called growing up. simple and boring as that.

    be ready to welcome me to your world when i get there; not quite yet tho.

    beware of gals like Antipop; they are opportunists. i'm the gal fro u playa, cant u see that?