Monday, October 13, 2008

meeting the family

Saturday 11th october marked a landmark in my blog life.
I met the real guys.

Friday night and am in the best bar in Kla ( Rock Katalina as it has the cheapest beer. ugx 1500 everyday) having a polite one with the boys when i get a text from Antipop inviting me for a bloggers drink up the following day. I had 2 other parties to attend on that day but none seemed a better idea that meeting the bloggers.
Come saturday and the excitement is on though i didnt know what to expect. All i knew was that i was going to meet very intelligent, witty and Ugandans who speak very good English.
Time check 08.00pm and i finally meet the group. Didnt talk much with everyone but the whole group seemed adorable.
Antipop i knw and she was looking ever so hot.
Rev is a cool guy and i commend him for having such neat "locks".
Chanel is a great lady and such a lovely host.
Ivan was on top of his game. Dude is sooooo funny.
B2B seemed so down to earth but very intelligent.
Solomom is such a cool guy.

And oh yea, i met Detamble as well. Beautiful lil'white gal i must say.

Basically evening was fun.Plenty to eat and drink.

And being me, i happened to make acquaintances with another pretty lady at the drink up although she aint a blogger. The next day Sunday when i went to support the Ug Vs Benin game at Namboole, i had female company.

All in all it was great. One day i'll never forget.
Ma boys picked me up late and they were all surprised to know that i was indeed a blogger. One actually wondered if i simply wasnt fluking as he's never known me to be that

And to all the bloggers that day, thanx for letting me join the family.


  1. Dude, I didn't even know you were a blogger till you were about to leave.

    Was dope meeting all y'all, and the 'do was great.

  2. Oba where do I be when these things be happening!

  3. What I wouldnn't give to have been there! :-)