Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My savedee belle

I must say am enjoying my new job.
Fat cheque, no boss (my immediate boss is in Nairobi), no reporting or closing time, and recently i added someone else to this list.
There is this "saved" chic that am supposed to be working with. As in she cordinates my company and ours. This is yo typical beautiful Ugandan lady. In the beginning i had absolutely no interest in her besides work issues untill word went round that she was a born again. She goes to church every morning b4 coming to work.
Either i am the devil itself or i just like challenges. I started seeing this lady in another context. I saw a beautiful gal who was missing out on something. I am too detrminedto find out about her real life.
My internal calls to her increased, the compliments became so regular,i satrted seeing her in another context. Se is also a regular at my colleagues desks especially the ones directly in my view. Actually am seeing her now as i type this piece.
What even made matters worse is some other lady at work spilled out Savedee's secret tha she had a thing for "the new guy at work". Actually the new boss at work. (selefu)
We hit it on so well with this born again lady. We always talk and ask questions about each other.One day she inquired about my love life and i didnt hesitate to give her my winning profile...." i have 2 kids living with their mom in France." Funny but this profile has never let me down.
On to my other side that is the lounger in me, little was there to talk about. I am this kind of guy that never talks to my workmates every saturday morning for fear of making them drunk as well. My eyes are bloodshot and at half mast each saturday morning. That kind of guy who considers the bar as my second sitting room.
So i ask her what she thinks of guys like me! Her answer threw me back.........."I love the bar" is what she said.She went on to ask me where it was written that born agains dont go the bar. Its at this moment that i asked to buy her a drink this weekend and she answered in the affirmative. I dont know what kind of drink she does but am eagerly waiting for saturday to hit the bar in the company of a very beautiful born again lady.

I dont know if the good Lord shall ever forgive me cos this will be the second born agian chic am taking to the bar. The firs was another workmate at my former job. That one we split up so badly as she had gotten so into me and was willing to cross to my world. This time, i wont go the full mile as am planning on pulling out after this saturday.

Someone out there help me and find a cure to my uncontrollable bad habit of flirting.

I enjoy it though..........


  1. dude, i have been here like twice and few blogs i have enjoyed- like this...forget the drama man..go go go go go for all a brother in another boat, in a different sea can master.

  2. Well, well. Interesting but eh, you said it yourself. You're a bad bad person. I mean the saved woman also sounds shady but to "trick" her? Bad, bad person. Nice blog though!

  3. Ssebo, you know her Father is my Father as well. I am going to tell Him about you.

    But u man, for the love of God, do not lead this woman into temptation...

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