Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pushing the wrong button

In life we can never stop learning.
To some of us we thought we had learnt some of life's lessons the heard way but we haven't.

For a long time i had been bothering my housemate's chic to hook me up with one of her cute University buddies. The fact that she knows how i do things she wasnt willing to hook me up.
Then one day she loosens her grip and gives me a number to call. Mbu her best friend. And on this particular day i hadn't asked for any hook ups.

One call follows the other. thirty minutes, forty minutes and even an hour long call and things are all positive. Its not untill i bragged to my housemate how his chic had hooked me up and "i was in Business" that things started crambling. Dude laughed so hard and all he could say was "tekaliyo" loosely translated "she is not haaaat".
Actually he reminded me of how we had met her in Wandegeya sometime back.........OMG.

From then on the calls from my side reduced drastically but shortie wasn't ready to give up. Misery is during my quest to prove so serious a dude, i'd given her both my mobile phone numbers. She started caling me when she is sick, bored, hungry, feeling low and expected solutions or words of comfort from me.

Calls from her became so frequent that i started telling lies of how very busy i was and make promises to call back. She would wait exactly thirty minutes and call back opening the conversation with an apology for calling again b4 i did.
Now my boys noticed and wondered who it was. Its not my style talking to ladies on the phone with a screwed up face and a non sexy cold voice. All i could them was thar there is a ka-orangatan making my life a living hell.

The other night she called just to let me know how she was in bed nude. I jokingly asked if i could join her in her bed and she accepted. When i announced it was a joke, she asked me to visit her the following day and get kinky. This is a true story by the way. Reminded me how she sleeps alone at her University.

Ofcourse i didnt show up and the next day at 18.00hrs Ugandan time she was calling to inquire if i was on my way to her place. I lied. 9pm, she kols.....i lied some more.)3.30am she kols again and this time i lost it. Gave her a busy tone. In the morning. as i was fighting for a taxi in Ntinda, another call come in.
Maaaaaaaaan, am in trouble.

Just wondering what i shoud do!

Remember me and this chic have never met.


  1. oragantan! now that is aterm i have not heard before

  2. Kale u have very bad manners..U called her an Orangutan? Lol. U're bad!!

    Good for u, let her stress u. U even refused to go and get kinky with her in bed, she must be a real orangutan! Because Damn!

    (Antipop it is some sort of ape with very long arms-longer than for normal monkeys- and almost orange fur)

  3. You got yourself into that mess im sure you'll find a way out.That's what you get for being greedy.Msiba wa kijutakia!

  4. the poor girl... :-)

    well u cant help it if u sound soooo sexy and like catch-able!

    wats that saying? Beware what u wish for?

  5. Hahahaha :D Orangatan!!

    I say do I what I do...just let the phone ring! :D Ignore it, turn it on silent or some shit. Just refuse to pick it up! You got caller ID right?

  6. But watch out...if you get a call from a number you don't know I can almost guarantee it'll be her calling you on a friends phone. Don't pick up unknown numbers either for a couple of months till the orangatan quits irritating you.

  7. Thanks all yeah for the comments.
    I was actually kinda scared to share not knowing the kind of comments i'd receive.
    I'll now post more often.

    Antipop for president.

  8. I second that motion! Antipop for President!!

    Good luck with her. Tells us how it goes!! I wanna know! :-)