Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today is the second day on my new job and believe me am not as excited as expected.
Yu can't believe but am sad. Missing the good life i've been enjoying the last one month since i resigned my earlier job.
The last one month was so enjoyable. I would sleep in the day and go out in the night.

Brief outline of ma past one month.

1. 3 a.m till midday.........................sleeping.

2. midday to 1pm...........................freshen up.

2. Switch on ma telly to see what those fools in the BBA 3 house are up to.
But i was always dissappointed as id always find the same. No sex as yet. Morris
is so weak. A beautiful daft chic allover his a** and no action as yet. That guy is
not Ugandan.

3. 2pm................fix ma'self something to eat. was getting boring as it was
always rice and beef/ chicken as it is the easiest meal to prepare.

4. Meanwhile ma fon is always off the hook and it always felt good assuring my past
clients that i resigned. Then the part where my former boss would call asking me to return to work yet it was same fool giving me sh*t. (Oke not Lynn but Humphrey).

5. boys would jealously call in to find out if am home or i went back to work. I always assured them that am home having fun. And remeber they all know my house is never short of drink and food. 30 minutes later and about 3 guys are colliding at my house all escaping from work.

6. 4pm to late............Party, party and more party.

7. 8pm to 9pm...........guys are now calling their bosses assuring them of how they
wouldnt make it to work the following day due to various reasons. Believe me one dude re-
mixed that ad on radio of a guy who called his bossssssss.............
The one's who had made it lucky with the ladies where calling their wives
assuring them of the vigil they were attending that night. Vigil indeed as sm1
was bound to die.........

8. 9pm to 3am.................drink, telly, bar, anything to make me smile.

And the cycle would go on.

This all sounds so smoooth. Ofcourse there were bad times as well. Like the numerous times i went to my next door kiosk to ask for 20 thousand shillings after generously spending the night before.

There were those times when i didnt have any money on me but had piles of food and alcohol in the house.

The fact that i had no job would also bother me at times. How was i to spoil my first born french baby, and second borne mukiga baby with no job.

Then there were those bu-gals who wanted to make my house a place to get free drink and food on a daily. Atleast they would clean the house and the dishes.

And ofcourse browsing the net from home. Damn, that was the most expensive thing. Made me miss work and the free internet.

Otherwise it always felt so good moving around town in my jeans, tee shirt and boots on a wednesday afternoon and not a tie.

Friday was the best. No reports to present at the weekly operations meeting, but simply sleep with so much rock music pumping in my head.

I was leading a very good life that some of my unfocused friends thought of leaving their jobs too. I went thru hell trying to convince them not to.

But as that famous lines goes...........all good things come to an end. Am now at work.

And on a very sad note, ma housemate is resigning his job tomorrow. As i speak he is home now for the second day running with the excuse of being sick. Atleast he has another job coming his way but i think i played a role..........sob sob

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