Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The month of June 2008 is one that i will leave to remember all my life. damn like is a b***h indeed.
I mean how can yu have the best and worst weekend of all your life. believe me it happened to me.
back to the month of June emphasis being on the last week. June 21st i invite my boys for a small drink at my house. small as i less than 5 crates of beer for 10 guys and 9 chics.
24th i go for Rock night in a long time and meet my favourite writer. meet my friend's chic for the 2nd time in life, be nice to her and she is impressed. Meet another female secie jazz her up and buddy's chics is getting jealous. I wonder why coz i dont think she would have offered what i wanted from fresh new chic.
Next thing i know buddy's chic and new chic are exchanging. I couldnt believe i could still spark a fight between two lovely chics. aaam, way too unattractive nowadays. By the way ive sparked fights before and am not proud of it.
Anyway chics later realise am not taking non home so they give up the fight.
Buddy's friend decides to find solace in her American friend. Goes ahead and introduces the dude. We be crazy with my boy and introduce yankee to some Ugandan madness. Guy is enjoying and later blunders. He refused to ululate. I hear thats for Africans. Poor thing didnt know that the previous laughing was to help us be as non-racist as possible. There and then he was asked to present his visa and work permit. Poor thing sweated like .....watever.
Buddy's chic sees this as an opportunity t repay me for earlier cruelty. Dude, she yells at me assuring me how mean i am. Assured me how we weren't going 2gether. Shit......p***y just went by just like that. Gave her her bag and what does she do puts it on a stool and asks for her drink.. Thank God am a changed man now. We dropped her off in Mutungo, drove to nt.....oh home and SLEPT MY BEER OFF.
Friday, work, more beer in the evening, saturday more beer. Three pretty chics for company and instead went off with my mom's(R.I.P) agemates till 5am. ( Thats for another day)

Saturde have to escort one of binge mates to officialy declare himself the official molester of some nice innocent chic. Remember we had slept in the morning. Thats for 2mrw.

To crown off my nice weekend, mine friend, brother, binge mate, look alike was pronounced missing reportedly drowned in Lake Victoria on saturde while on a family cruise.


  1. 10 guys and 9 chics? which of the guys did not have a chic?
    and who did he end up sharing with?
    whats up playa?

  2. awwwwwww. sad story about your friend. i think i heard about that. his sister is a blogger. wrote about it. it is painful to even read. anyhow, put up a new post already!