Monday, May 12, 2008


This is one bloody show ill never forget.

Friday 09th May 2008. I woke up in very high spirits.
No i wasn't drunk. I dont go 4 rock night anymo as my
boss had started realising that my Friday input aint worth
my pay.
So on this particular Friday, i was in high moods as usual.
Got to work in my funny sky blue ''corporate'' shirt, wrote
my weekly report and by midday my work was over.
Time to start lounging.
My little cousin calls and reminds me of some senegalese
performing in town. The reminder was supposed to earn him free
beers from me .Check my wallet and i got money for only 20 beers
in my favourite kafunda in bugos.
One of my clients comes in and hands me 20k so i have 40 beers.
Not a bad start for a friday. I'll buy 20 beers, and my lounger friends
will continue from from there.
Time check 14.00hrs and my cousin calls to comfirm if am on the show!
Then some Doctor friend calls and tells me to pick my ka dime of 180thou.whoooooooa.(T.G.I.F)
Am now definately on for the show. Didnt see any better way to clear all this dime than going for tha show.
Rushed to town, picked the dimes, and as i was rushing back to offfice one of the usual loungers shakespeare gives me a buzz saying he is already in Lugogo getting blazyngoed for the show. Time check 16.00hrs.
Rushed to the nearest outlet and purchased my ticket.....can yu believe that?
Hit office, switched off my computer and then rushed to Lugogo.
Fisrt thing i saw was beer. I was too hungry to eat so i settled for a beer, and another, some bond 7, saw 2 lovely Ugandans made acquaintancesand later ordered drinks for them.
Its now getting dark and ma vision is blurred. One Ugandan looks fresher than the other so i settle for she. We drink, dance, talk and life is good for all of us.
She is rubbing her yu know wat on me and am enjoying. Some goon notices and decides to end my fun. He realised i had too much money to spend on booze yet his kids had no tuiton fees. On realising i had lost the money, i just kept quite as my fun wasn't meant to end here.Atleast i had beautiful Ugandan doing nice things to me.
Show was oba how? i dont remember except the part when Akon was right next to me. Guy is no different from me save for the weights of our wallets.
Show is over and i got only 30thou, my blazyngoes, and ofcourse beautiful Ugandan by my side.
Left for some Irish pub with the drunken loungers and beautiful one by my side.
Time check 4.00am and am too tired to pareeeeeeeee no more.
So i ask my lounger to drop us home. Got to my gate and i dont want any1 to share my bed with me. So i let my lounger celebrate with beautiful Ugandan.

If he got lucky i dont know but i woke up to a very rude text from beautiful ugandan and believe me i couldnt remenber meeting any1 by the name B***** at the show.

Right now am off booze till next Friday. Yu never know i may meet another beautiful Ugandan and this time i wont be so good to my friends.


  1. what? 20k can buy 20 beers? what beer is that? Eagle lager? okay. let me go read on further

  2. ahem y did ya diss-appoint the beautiful lady like that?Akon was said to perfom on 254 sometime bt we got conmen in the name of is quite xpe for hussla as i to attend such shows, we prefer to brew the ticket money and leave the show for 'ballers'.