Tuesday, May 6, 2008

yeah right

Been very good at reading other people's stuff and
its now my turn to put down smthing for others to read.
Need i introduce my self?????? naaah, coz whoever is
looking at this page right now surely knows me.
One of my mentors i must admit is Antipop. damn this
lady doesnt only possess good looks but the brains too.
There yu go all yu people out there who think there are
no ladies that possess both good looks and brains. Put yo
money where yo mouths are. Me and her go along way and
all that she writes is true.
Enough of that garb. Dont have to be so boring on my first
Didnt know writing would be this little interesting. Thought it
was a bore all thru.

Damn, its 7minutes to 5.00pm. I gat to go home. Oh oh no lies.
Got to go to my kafunda for a beer, supper then retire to my den
late in the night.

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