Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life is good.

March is fast coming to an end and no new posting. Just a few highlights of my escapades in the past few days.

Am so lucky Giko's candle never burned out so i was able to make that trip to Kigali. Met her and Sibo. Shared a drink and some quality time.

Was meant to be a part of my boy's gusaba/kwanjula/kuhingira/introduction/traditional wedding entourage, but we only met a day after in the drink house. Crazy, right? Blame it on the......sorry am not good at remembering names.

Just like on my previous visits to that country, I still lost the battle to Mutziig beer. Could it be the next best beer after Nile Gold.

Kigali is such a small town. I met almost all the people i know in that country in just one night. At a house drink up, the bar Sundowner and in the club KBC.

Made new beautiful french speaking friends 4 of whom are planning a trip to Kampala come April. Apart from their not so good English language (which sounds so sexy though), they are such kids. At 20years one is deemed an adult, but that aint true. It should be moved to at least 25years.

Took some lovely shots in Rwanda but was made to take an oath of secrecy before my return. However, that can be broken if you got MAFARANGA. Money is power you know.

My man Normzo for not spilling what i saw in Rwanda, i'll introduce you to my little french speaking friends when they come to Kampala. Deal?

On my return, i happened to meet another lovely blogger from Kibaki's land but working in Uganda at the moment. Thanks PeeKayW for inviting me over for that farewell party at your crib. It was fun.

At the moment a very close friend is out of the country for a week. Boy do i miss her so much. Thank God for messenger for i dont know how much harder it would have been. Ever been so happy to speak/chat with someone that you are always fighting not to use the L-word on them.

Easter weekend is fast approaching. Road trip, Kla to Kigali all the way to Bujumbura. Anyone want in?

Otherwise, BHH today. All routes point that way.................BBQ Lounge.

Be good ya'll and take care.


  1. I'm so jealous...UBHH, the road trip meeting Giko and Sibo!
    Hows your pal doing?

  2. So Giko and Sibo adr together... .hmmm..i honestly thought i was first here..hmmmm
    Road trip i want to do one though but this is from kla to mombasa wonder if it will every happen..anyone in..Tricia might pass by yours..?!!

    so it it true ..boy's and girls can never be just FUNNY..xx

  3. Have a blast, lucky you! and happy Easter.

  4. @Trish. She's doing fine. Apparently she made new friends and is having a whale of a time.

    @Sleek; okimanyi. You didn't show up for BHH.

    @UG.Gal. No we can simply be friends. Planning on the Mbsa trip as well. Lets do it on your next visit to the pearl.

    Thanks Mjay. Happy easter too. How's are your 2 babies i.e Mitch and his daddy?

  5. As i fight to get off the sexual network,you now try to introduce me to your French speaking friends.. What does a guy do...But say Bring it on,waiting impatiently. hahaa


  6. Dude I wish I could have your kind of life. Lucky you.

  7. It was so lovely meeting you.....and dont break any codes for mafaranga, please. See you when you come.

  8. STILL havnt made it up to the lland of beautiful, french speaking women...april you said? hook a brova up!

  9. Lol Normzo... wama you stay on the network! If everyone gets off, who will represent?

    Jny, you have been too busy. Let me know when the road trip is heading to my village.

  10. just when i thought i was the king of "the Blast"...kgl is the shait

  11. someones been busy traveling...sounds like one big party!
    haven't been on a road trip with friends in a while!