Monday, May 3, 2010


Am tired of always starting my posts with ".....Its been a while since............"

I didnt post anything all through the month of April. This time it aint Mrs. Blogcks to blame; its TWITTER. With twitter i interact with a good number of the bloggren on a daily. This makes it hard to put up a full blogpost.

April was an interesting month. Apart from the too much work. I badly need some rest by the way. Coming to 2 years now and i report to office on every working day. Believe me even the paid leave aint helping a thing. Need to take annual work leave just like all normal working people. Problem here am the MD, CEO, Accountant, HRM, Operations Manager, tea man, photocopier, etc of our small firm. So if i took leave all these departments shall collapse.

Through the rigorous socialising, ive also made a few more friends. This included a local celeb if Ug TV presenters count for celebs (But our Lulu is a celeb no debate on that). Oke, all the nice, eloquent, intelligent, confident TV presenters are celebs; right?
Proud to state that the fine young lady that presents Showtime on one of the local TVs is my bosom friend. We got along so well from day one. Very nice intelligent beautiful young lady. The KB (do people still use that word?) flowed so well and she told me she does a show on TV. First thought was one of those budding TV stations but wasn't the case. You see my TV is choosy so it doesnt pick the signal of some stations while doing an auto search so i watch very little TV.

I have also picked up on a not so cool habit of GAMBLING. Of late my most frequented websites are,,,,, etc. That's for sports betting. I had resisted joining sports betting untill one guy nailed a jackpot of 1.3m ugx off ugx 5,000. Would you regard me as a greedy person for i want to also win some big money off my little bet!

Then there is the casino. Pyramids casino. Thought gambling was for the super rich but not so true. These guys have chewed a fair share of my hard earned money. However, i also always make sure i consume a fairly proportional amount of their drinks seeing that while on table all drinks come free. Actually on a loosing day, i make a mental calculation of the money lost and order for drinks twice that amount. haha. Am not a bad looser afterall. That way it appears like i spent the money on a normal night out. It also makes me look cool when in company of "some" ladies.Reminds me of those primary school science books on reasons why people smoke and drink look cool".

American and not Russian Roulette is my favourite gambling game and number 23 from jny23ug is my favourite number although its never lucky for me. But i insist as i know i'll one day hit a jackpot and quit.

By the way it feels better loosing money trying to win some more than buying some very hiked and hyped beer prices at Cayenne and Boda boda bar.

So what you guys been up to? BLESS.............


  1. when you wake up one day, and all you have on you are the Boxers on your body, you will realize that gambling was never a good choice... But still say, consume those drinks..

    Oh, so you now chill with celebs.. have fun,just inform them that 'normzo' needs their autographs.

  2. Stay away from gambling...unless well ofcourse you are doing it for me..:-)....

    If i came and worked for you what benefits would i get?

  3. Did you place any bets on Fulham? No you didnt.
    Consume the drinks but stay away from pyramids. Its highly addictive. Don't ask me how I know.

  4. They wanna make you go to rehab but you say no, no, no...

    It's a chick who presents Showtime? Oba is Makenzi now pretending to be a chick.

  5. @normzo; grooming her for a bigger position. Showtime wit big daddy.

    @Ug-girl; All for you my love.

    @Mckeith; i never bet on my club Fulham. But pyramids is nice. At times yu imagine yu are in vegas.

    @Baz; mckenzie was grooming her and she's going solo after completing 6 months this month. See she even tells me stuff about her job. We tight.

  6. ahem ahem.....hav never been to pyramids!! :(.....but ne casino is bad..and disasterous....ask me i m trying to recuperate...and btw 23 is a neighbor of 8 and most lucky nos. or tats wat i think!!.
    celebrities!!! well no comments..the only celebrity i ever talked to is may be Baz..hehehe